I hear predictions and guesses all the time.

People talk about what will be. Signs of events. Events to come. What may happen and possibilities. We sit and think about it. We discuss it. We react to it. When do we do all this? NOW

We talk of things that have happened. Events. People. History. What has been and what could have been. We do this NOW.

Ok, so what about NOW?

What are we doing NOW. We DID or we WILL, why Don’t we??

Have you noticed how we give up on the NOW for an unknown future and the already done past? Now, is when we exist, and Now is what we are overlooking.

Now is when we can repent. Now is when we can act. Now is when can express. Now is where God is. Now is all eternity. Let’s live in the Now!

Try and exist Now..and all of Time is yours.

Have an awesome friday..

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