About Ali..

I would like to talk about all that I see and comment on it. I will write my opinion here. I apologize if it offends anyone but I am sure most of you will agree with what I say.. hopefully.

Would be nice of you to share your view here also.


a l i

On twitter:@ali101969

6 thoughts on “About Ali..

  1. I really like your blogs.. specially about sufi saints :)
    You are doing great job.. and i wanna share my project, and i need comments from everyone.. so is there anyway i can post?

  2. I came to the conclusion that Muslims do not believe in their own religion. I read quite a bit of your blog and got me thinking about this. Last week Madonna was in Turkey and exposed a private part in public, spoke in favor of Zionism, and had her show open with a pro-Zionist Israeli band. The so-called Islamic fundamentalist government refused to give her the lashes she deserved. There was no outcry that Madonna defiled Islamic land. This tells me that Muslims do not care about their own religion.

    Throughout your blog you keep saying that Muslims are fixated on money. I read much of your blog and there is no mention of the constant murder of Muslim children by Israel. Am I supposed to take you seriously?

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