Real Concerns..


Our Concern.  The public. This is what people should be concerned with. Their lives..their families. .their own and their homes. Real Concerns..

Social media has turned everyone into a religious scholar..a defense and political analyst or judge from a court.. it was fun once..but its getting terrible now. 

The fact is.. you and I ..have no clue what is actually going on. We dont know why a certain policy is made and why governments do what they do. If we worked in the government  we would know..and we would not be discussing it. Those actively discussing and concluding. reality…are supposing and guessing. Thats a fact. Which is many cases…hilarious.

But, there is one other thing …its causing great mental stress and frustration in people too. People fight..argue…suffer. many cases..people get persecuted for going over board with their opinions and views. They suffer..their families suffer. 

My question is..Why?

Why must I have an opinion about any leader..government…or policy. Should I even care? I mean isn’t my comfort more important?  I know it sounds selfish. ..but hey…I have not been given any tasks in public administration…thus and therefore…its none of my business. 

And..more than Expense. ..we need to worry about Income…so lets focus on that. I see people crying about inflation..rise in taxes..bills. Can we do anything about it? Yes..two things: work on income and cut extra costs… but please…for the sake of God…don’t cry about expenses.  It will do nothing but frustrate you. 
Switch it off…

Get to the Real Concerns…

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