Spreading Prejudice

When you link a crime or activity with a nationality in a media report.. what are you doing?

What are you telling the world? About you and your perception? And, Intention? And level of intelligence??

How does this sound… Ted Bundy, a US citizen, caucasion, with bla bla roots.. was a serial killer…

To me, it sounds stupid!

Ted Bundy was a serial killer: period.

I don’t care where he was from. He was one of us, humankind, who blew a fuse and killed many women. Thats what matters, right?

Then.. pray tell me.. why do some newspapers.. make sure to mention nationalities of criminals or offenders? What does it matter to me? In fact, it can be so misleading. For example, they write a report that a Pakistani stole money from a house. What is the immediate thought after reading that? Be careful of Pakistanis..

And so, while I am being careful of a Pakistani, a Portuguese guy steals my wallet.. hahaha..

With no offense meant for Pakistani or Portuguese.. I am saying.. a crime is an action of a human being and where they come from.. Does not matter..

What such reports do is cause great word and abuse wars in comments.. amazingly and gosh, ignorance prevails, you read comments where Indians curse Pakistanis and then africans curse others and then a religious debate begins and the whole report becomes garbage! And, real harm may even come to people of a certain origin.. Think!!!

Question: Do these media companies have any sense of Social responsibility?

And , isn’t it our responsibility to end prejudice and discrimination???

“One person of foreign origin caught stealing” is fine

“One native caught stealing” is fine too..

“One man , aged xx , caught stealing” is Excellent.

Reports should then have solutions, precautions that people need to take and numbers of authorities they need to call in case they face an issue.

That is decent journalism that spreads peace and tranquility in society and kills prejudice And helps the government too..

Yeah, I am teaching you because you need to be taught!!

Good day..

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