I saw a video of Snowden telling us how we are all monitored through our cellphones.  

Scary? Yes. But then, I started to think.

Ok so we are monitored. By whom and for what? 

I mean what interest can anyone possibly have in another person’s activity.  I put myself in the shoes of the monitors. I get bored looking at news feed …imagine if I have to see and listen to thousands of people daily through their cellphones…Gosh..

I would do it for two reasons alone. .the Security of my country and people and a good compensation. And, I am pretty sure that’s what the real monitors do it for. It’s a job. Not a party. 

The rest of the talk is assumptions we make. Like the information can be abused. .or we maybe targeted…etc etc.

No. You are not that important! Get out of the star syndrome.  Few people are. A lot of crime has been deterred because of these monitors. A lot of information spreads quickly warning thousands of people because of this. And..you being located through your cellphone can be a blessing for you. At one time..one would be lost and dead and never found. Now..you can be located.

My point is. .Let’s stop demonizing governments and their workers. It is not in their interest to hurt you or exploit you. Their job is governance of state. That’s what they do.

If you think about it..and relax a bit..you will realize what is really causing distress is assumption and notions of distress and not something real. 

The funny thing is..a lot of people talk about cellphones invading their privacy and then those same people are found in shops buying the latest cellphones..downloading VPNS and trying to browse in “privacy” ..complaining about government yet thinking they beat them in the game of intrusion. Hahaha !

You are still monitored buddy!  But if you are not upto any crime or not into violating national security or anything of that sort..then why worry?

And ..if you just have something private with someone and don’t want a single soul on earth to listen. ..Go meet them. Leave the cellphone at home..lol.

Which brings me to my next point ..

Do you know your neighbor as well as you know Julie from 10,000 miles away?


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