Random thoughts today..

The solution to poverty has always been one..to give what you can when you can. You don’t get rich by taking. You get rich by giving and forgiving.

I know this does not go along with logic of today. But it still is the formula for success. Formulas of life don’t change. They were established upon creation of mankind and they will not change until the day if Judgement.

I’m surprised how Muslims read these Formulas day and night and few are able to practice them. You see religion is not just praying and fasting..though they are vital for maintenance of faith. It’s the result of praying and fasting that defines the Muslim. Behaviour in various circumstances.

We don’t forgive. To get proof of this..visit the courts one day. We don’t overlook..to get proof visit discussion boards and see twitter..we have no patience…to get proof see how we drive..and stand in lines.
Someone was telling me that at various government offices..embassies..we should see the rush and mess outside. I said it shows us how refined we are..or how ignorant. We want to walk over a human being to get our work done first and then we blame the office for delaying work. 
We don’t operate as per Formulas given to us. We operate as per nonsense flowing in and out of our minds..

We operate randomly today when Quran was revealed over 1400 years ago. And we claim to be Muslims. .and we keep blaming the west or some demon for our setbacks..how pathetic is that?
Our public cannot control anger, desire or fear…
What has education done if it has not made you a greater and better person? And hey..schools are full. Shouting teachers and angry students and lots of pressure and stress..

Give me a break!

2 thoughts on “Random thoughts today..

  1. Purpose of fasts and pilgrimage is explained in three words

    Gyaan, Daan aur Dhyaan

    Learn from the knowledgeable
    Donate to needy
    Introspect….it’s all in you

    No need to travel miles in search of divine if this can be followed being where you are…….

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