Job or Responsibility?

Policemen. Officers enforcing law. Doctors. Nurses. Teachers…soldiers..

These people are not doing jobs. They have very serious Responsibilities towards all of us. They are the people that ensure our physical and mental well being. Some of them put their lives on the line to keep us safe. .they work at odd hours and around the clock to maintain life in our countries. They are not just building a career..they have taken oaths and are held responsible for tasks that eventually serve us. Agree?

Then why are they treated like other people who do 9 to 5 jobs?

Do they deserve stress? Anxiety of bills and pressure of loans? Don’t you think they should not get electric and telephone bills or pay taxes or pay for their homes? Isn’t their responsibility much bigger then all that?

They are not doing jobs. They are taking on responsibilities many would not dare to. They are taking risks …for me and you.
Policemen are that shield which protects you from a criminal. .and they any other get hurt in the process sometimes. Is it fair to add to their already gigantic responsibility?

I urge all senior people to think about this…

Tune in to 97 fm ..Saudi Radio. .this Thursday on 17th..8 on open hour..with me and Fahad AL Mazroo.

See you..

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