My father passed away last week.
It shocked me. Should it? A person like me? Who never forgets death. Not a single day of my life have I forgotten death. I cried. I could not believe it. He was 78. But healthy. There was no sign of disease. He did not even wear glasses. One could not expect he would go. In an instant, without any real cause or any reason. We talked on the phone just two hours before he left. He said just going for check up , I am fine. But, something pinched my heart. It was the last time we talked…
But then this is me. I have always known and lived in the reality of death. I know it has nothing to do with age or disease or accident. It’s as sure as life. Death is life. All born on earth must die and do die whatever the reason or cause maybe, the fact is.. It can happen to anyone at anytime. And my belief is that that time is written in the book of destiny. Yes, it can be altered.. But by only the One who wrote it: God.

I was shocked, yes. But I accepted it. He is there, we are on the way…

It’s just that in this journey, we are not given departure dates. We depart suddenly..without warning ..

Friends, live in the Now. Say all you want to say to people you love.. Don’t wait till tomorrow. Say it all Now. Give them all you can Now.. What you can afford to forget and never regret, delay.. But what’s important.. Do it Now..

Death can be sudden .. Circumstances can change suddenly.. The world can end in an instant.. Don’t just remember this .. Make this Your reality.. Live in this reality..pray Now.. Not tomorrow..

Me talking about how great my dad was or posting his pictures and displaying my sorrow is of no benefit to you , me or him.. 

Me doing good, praying for him and sending him my prayers is the only thing that will benefit him.. And satisfy my love for him.

People who die simply take of this Earth suit called body which we bury .. And continue to live elsewhere .. As here, there.. In the presence of our Creator..and then one day Rise again..

Expect Death, understand Death.. Don’t fear it and live in its reality..

I will always love my Dad.. He will always be my hero..

Good night 

6 thoughts on “Death

  1. True words, it’s sad to know the absence of your father. My deepest condolences.

    This is life. Kul nafs zaika mout. And how come His promise not be true.

  2. Who say: When afflicted with calamity:” To Allah we belong and to Him is our return” : C2-V156 .
    Please accept my deepest condolences. May Allah SWT reward your father Jannat-al-Firdous and place him among His beloved souls.

  3. Death is inevitable……the only truth of life
    Some go silently and that to me is best way to leave this world ……great souls go this way

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