I get enough cases of people with Huroob status in my office. Huroob means : absent from workplace. 

In the system, that makes you a violator. You may be subject to deportation if you do not file a case against your employer. And, you may still be deported anyway.. So the fear in people is: Awesome.

I see very decent, unpaid, oppressed and frustrated people with this status. Though I agree, some people do violate their contract and run away from the work place, but this Huroob placement mechanism binds them to the employer.. Oops I was going to say Owner… Regardless of them being subjected to misery.

Huroob is the child of Sponsorship which gives one citizen the absolute right to totally destroy the life of an expatriate if he so wishes or , surprisingly, vice versa. Yes yes, I am told that the expatriate can complain.. But pray, does he have the guts left after knowing that he can’t speak Arabic, can’t fight his case and has no clue what his rights are?

You would think I am blaming the system.. I am not. I am pointing out that there is a serious communication gap between all parties , and because of this, certain parties…may as well be the expat too…might abuse or use this opportunity to oppress someone. 

Now what about all those decent and hardworking people from good families living here for decades? What about them? What if some guy puts Huroob on them? Shall they be subjected to humiliation?  Or are we saying that any expatriate regardless of status is just a creature of no value so let’s do with him as we please? Last question: how does this fit into our expected conduct as muslims? Slaves get punished for running away from masters in an era no more!

My suggestion : someone breaches a contract signed by two parties , let it go to court but do not stop someone from working or living or providing for his family.. He is Not illegal or subject to penalty until Proven guilty and even then the penalty can only be financial. Though they may not leave the country until verdict is given by a judge. 

Iqama renewal, sponsorship and right over status should belong to the Government, not an average joe from the street.. Because he may,  and 7 out of 10 times Does, abuse this privilege .. My work here is a contract between me and a company and this contract is governed by law. My status is given by the Government and Not a person.. I am a guest of Saudi Arabia.. Not Mr Fulan Al Fulan…

So no matter what case of mine is pending in the court , I have the right to work and earn and provide for my family as long as I am not interfering with a citizens employment.. 

Because currently, the majority of Huroob victims and / or those who are rightly given this status .. Are hiding, their IDs expiring, families suffering and this is a problem for any society.. Eventually many remain undocumented and hey I can’t say that some of them may not be criminals too.. 

So they ran away from work.. Why?  Let’s hear it in front of the judge.. Both parties well fed, fit and fine and under no pressure.

Finally, I request most humbly.. Please reconsider the Sponsorship system.. It is affecting both the local and the expatriate .. Let cases go to court.. An average guy cannot be a good judge. 

May Allah protect this precious Land and its people..