I saw a video about the Placebo effect. It shows that we can change our bodies and heal them simply by positive thought. I have insisted on this for years. .I believe this to be true.

And you see..that’s the problem with all of us today. External factors damage us and we grow negative calling our own bad perceptions derived from a damaged belief system and polluted intentions. .Reality. 

What we believe to BE..Is. What we mind..matters. 

Do a small exercise. Any thought..notion or perception that makes you feel negative in anyway or angry or upset. .is to be deleted from your mind. How do you delete it? Simply dismiss it at the cost of looking stupid.  Be stupid..it’s ok. You will feel relief. Then focus on what makes you feel happy and positive..even if it’s a “stupid” dream in Your polluted reality.  Even if your brain runs to despair and tries to convince you not to be stupid…be stupid. ..heal.

Let’s do this. ..this year. Life Will be better:)

Prayer is a positive request..appreciation and connection to our beautiful Merciful Creator…when you expect the best from the Greatest…and believe that for Him..everything is possible and He can change your reality…Good happens…you heal..life heals…all that was wrong is corrected…

Trust and believe. ..forgive All.

Sajda…in love…
Allahu Akbar….

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