They say if you give..you get.

But..what if you keep giving and you don’t get?

You would be severely disappointed and have questions about this principle. 
Many are questioning this Today.

I see so much “I need” going around in KSA today. What is going on? No..people have not become greedy. .they are short of money. Why? I know people who have not been paid for months. I know people who have too many loans. I know a lot of losses myself. Why?

A lady..a Doctor of Psychology..comes to our office seeking a loan of SAR 50,000. Why? Her landlord has cut off the electricity because of delayed rent. Her brother is to appear at the police station. She works for 2000 Riyals because her degree is waiting attestation. It is all so difficult. We refused because clients have not paid us and people owe us around 9 million Riyals…

My landlord’s construction projects are delayed because all labor ran away. He is at a loss and even faces fines.

And..almost EVERYONE needs a loan. A loan they may never pay back…

Here is the problem: Everyone is not allowed to work..but everyone needs money and those that do work are not getting paid. And..how many employers will the Government take action against? And even if they do..who will pay people?

Do you honestly think and believe that all employers pay for their employees when it comes to the yearly Labor Ministry charge of 2500? NO. How much does a company with over two thousand expat workers pay? Calculate.

Expenses are going up…and income is either not there or it is going down.


What is everyone supposed to do now?

The rich have become stingy..the rules are changing and the middle class is slowly becoming a NO class. Projects start big but go nowhere since workers are hard to get and it costs too much anyway..

Two categories of people are making money..drivers and housemaids. The rest are working their behinds off to pay them. ..

Seriously..a very disappointing situation here.

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