Women’s Day


You know, I am so busy most of the time that I do not notice the little celebrations that come up every now and then.. Mother’s day, Father’s day, Labor day.. and now Women’s day..

Suddenly, a lot of things started happening to celebrate this day and I started thinking. Do these people need a “DAY”..?

I mean it makes me feel like these are “special” people with special needs, abused, handicapped or deprived that a “day” needs to be dedicated to them. They are not.

Why are they not honored EACH day? Why do they need a day?

In fact, why is the world not focused on PEOPLE and their well-being. Their protection and their growth?

Man, come on! Women don’t need a day. Every day is their day. What would this world be without women? They are the most vital part of this life! One cannot take them for granted ANY day of the week.. at any time.  They are amazing!

I know I write a lot of bla bla about how things should be or can be. I find many discrepancies in life. But hey! let us get one thing very straight.. I RESPECT women. I honor them day and night.. lol. Ask my wife.

How are they so special? Why are all days revolving around them?  Think about it. Would we know peace without them? Go back to the time you were single. Remember how we used to clearly say : Life will be set after we marry. Remember how we longed to have WIVES in our home we could wake up and see. The ones who would love us, take care of us?

And all our lives, we miss our mothers. We cry for them. We long for that warmth and that care. If they are not with us, we miss them. Remember, how we used to always say: COME ON MOM, LET ME DO MY THING!..

And do you see now, how the heart trembles in her memory when she is no more?

An old man near his end will remember his mother and cry. He will miss his sister and he will not be able to live without his wife..

My friends, every day is Women’s day.. Every single day. We cannot live without them. We fight , we argue .. we go through all the various exercises the Ego causes us to go through.. but we cannot live without women. Let us honor them each day. Let us respect them and each other and all creation at all times.

Women are the ones that raise our future generations, worry about our dinner and well-being. Women are the BEST companions so let us honor them by being their BEST companions too. Let us do this.

Let us celebrate Women’s day, Father’s day, Labor day.. and all days.. every day..

Life is temporary. Trust me. Even if you live to be 1000 years old.. your time here WILL end one day. And, what will matter in the next dimension is how much you believed in God and how much you respected and honored His creation.

Have a lovely week..

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