Time has no time..

Time is passing by. It is in a hurry, it has no time.

We are stuck in a vicious circle, surrounded by the illusion of money and “growth”. Never stopping. Never just chilling or , for once, looking the other way. Always concerned, always in a hurry and never having enough time. Then we get tired. We don’t rest, we wait to be “not tired” so that we can start running again.

Humanity needs time off!

From News, politics, games and this vicious circle.

Because you see, we are chasing life and life is passing by. We spend all our time racing against time, and then…we die. Game over. All we gathered, saved..earned..left here. In this dimension of human errors. Nothing goes with us.

Where to?

There..where we came from. Before birth.

We were sent. We did not just happen. We were sent to represent God. Are we doing that? We are too busy with “building” and “making” for a “future” we know nothing about. What we do know is that many people built many things but it was ultimately not significant..

We build homes, like death will never come and we eat like it is our last day on Earth. We realize this and we continue. We hate. We kill. We take. We fear. We deceive. We do all this for the illusion of “me”..but time is passing by like it has no time..

The killer does not destroy a life by killing..he destroys himself. The killed still exist, if not here.. Actions we take thinking there is plenty of time or we can and its ok!

How do we deal with it? We Need to deal with all this. We need to fix perception and Utilize time to our real benefit. Benefit we will get when time here is over..

Just random thoughts this beautiful morning friends..


One thought on “Time has no time..

  1. Sounds like you need an ‘Ali Day’ to rest, reflect, enjoy your family, play cricket or football. Or do nothing. If you don’t look after yourself who will?

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