The Reality or YOUR Reality?


People tell me all kinds of absurd things and say it is reality. People have been doing this since I was a kid. I am sure they are doing it to you too..

Ali, this is REALITY.

When I was a kid, a teacher told me that if I do not get good grades, I will not have a good future. And, this was REALITY. Do you know what came to my mind at that time? A question. Is this REALITY.. or is it HIS reality? It was, of course, HIS reality. Not THE reality. Bill Gates is a drop out. So, this destroys the REALITY of my teacher.

I thought and thought and as I grew I realized that each one of us has their OWN reality. What THEY call reality may NOT be THE reality. So, the logical thing to do was to search for THE reality and live in THE reality and not MY reality. My reality had to be THE reality. I do not like imposing my thoughts on people.  I don’t think it is polite. I do not want anyone to live in MY reality if it is not THE reality. It is, however,  our DUTY to show THE reality to people, if we care for people.

What is YOUR reality? Have you ever thought what your REALITY is? What makes you feel that all that you see and experience is the reality? It may not be. You may go from one dimension to another several times a day and not even know it. You may meet people who do not exist. You may see a lot of things that may not be real at all. Every single thing cannot be proven and thus, all that YOU see and know as reality MAY not be THE reality. Lots of things can be questioned.

Go into your mind. How much has generated from within and how much has been pumped into it? Can you begin to analyze your own mind ? In doing so, you will question your belief and the sources of information being fed to your mind all the time. There are SO many influences on your mind daily and constantly that you cannot even know why you started to think what you are thinking and believing in what you believe.  Do you see where I am getting at?

Consider the news you see and read. How much is real? How much is exaggerated and how much of it is simply fake? When I post a Picture with words written on them, I get more likes on Facebook. Even though , what I have written may be utter NONSENSE.  Why? Visuals affect the mind. And so, we are MADE to think so many things, and they are not reality. Few people stop and question, or analyze even. Few. And so, many different realities exist on Earth. As many as the number of people on it. Though, there is REALITY. THE reality of all things. And, this is why, we need an external super intelligence to point it out to us. Remind us. Divine books. Words of God. God, who is above our minds and souls and “realities” KNOWS the reality of all things and HE tells us through His messengers. The state of our ego decides whether we stick to OUR reality or submit to the fact that we do not know and God knows and so we should accept the reality HE is talking about. The more we have fed our ego with misconceptions and the more we serve it, the more we reject TRUTH. And, this is what destroys us eventually. Rejecting REALITY and living in an illusion WE think is reality just because it comforts our ego or everyone else SAYS so.. This is where we start to degenerate and enter the world of despair and disappointment.

Most people are so depressed because of the REALITY they live and then they say to other people : Hey, this is reality.

No, it is not . It is YOUR reality. You MAY be wrong. And, if your reality makes you sad and frustrated, then you are definitely wrong. And, if you are wrong, then why the heck should I accept your reality and live in it??  I would be an idiot to do so.

When I realized all this a very long time ago, I was left with only ONE option. Quran. The only book on EARTH no man can challenge or if has challenged ..has been defeated miserably.  Words of God and not a Human Being. Our Prophet PBUH.. spoke from the Quran and Divine inspiration. Not from his thoughts or his opinions of reality. He , May the Peace and Blessings  of Allah be upon him, showed us THE REALITY of all life as it is.  So, should not the logical or FAIR mind adopt this reality and make it its OWN reality?  It should.

The bad news is : Whatever you think is the reality, shall BE your reality and its imperfections and pains WILL surround you all your life. You chose it to be fact, and so it now controls you. It may take away your smile and it causes you to live in despair. Are not most people complaining most of the time? Re-evaluate your reality please. Because, what you believe is what you are and it is your life and destiny too.  So , beware! Even if your reality is full of fun and laughter, disappointment will surely follow… Only what God says is reality, IS reality. It must be that way. Otherwise, there is only confusion..

Cause and Effect, Action reaction. Your mind is a reactor that causes things to be for you. A wrong belief WILL cause real damage. That is reality. Because belief is what creates perceptions.. and perceptions shape attitude and this comes out in action which is the cause and then there is a reaction and an effect.  Your ego dictates to you : THIS IS REALITY. You dare not go against it. And, in this state of being you may damage yourself and those around you. The father of Prophet Ibrahim ( Abraham) had no issues about his son being thrown into fire. His reality caused him to become heartless and finally lose his son for good.

Are you ready to lose people, love and peace for what YOU think is reality?  Find THE reality by first rising above your ego and then learning from Divine books. Bliss will follow. For sure.

Live in THE reality and not YOUR reality…

2 thoughts on “The Reality or YOUR Reality?

  1. I know where this is coming from brother. A great read. I have been reading your blog since a few days, and I must say what you write is a result of pondering over the fabrications of this world. I can so relate to your thoughts in many ways.

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