Divorce: Destruction of a Family…


Why is there such a great rise in the divorce rate? People here keep saying that it is rising in Saudi Arabia. I say, it is rising everywhere on earth. In fact, most of the divorce cases that have come to me are of Pakistanis. We , in Pakistan, are suffering from the same issues.. silently. The highlight there is on other issues, while these continue to exist and grow. If not divorce, then there is always the marriages gone sick. Lots of fighting and distress between couples, affecting innocent children.


Stress has replaced peace in most minds.

I fail to understand why every common Joe is concerned about world peace, government policy , criticism of Policy and not focused on family, education and growth. Why have our homes become media homes and rest houses? Why are they NOT homes anymore?

I could easily sit here and blame the “Secret societies” manipulating people through media or other external factors, but that would be lying to myself and you. The culprits are US. We ourselves have caused this. TV may be bad, Internet may be bad.. we are worse. How can we claim to be intelligent when we so easily get influenced by a Soap Opera, for example?

All these issues stem for one thing: Impatience due to lack of wisdom. People are no longer patient with each other. The concept of “Single Parent” is so popular, that it is actually attractive to many people.  While, I have heard many people express their desire to stay single, many married people have expressed the desire to be a “Single Parent”. .. What the heck is so attractive about either??

We are destroying the FAMILY. Family is the basis of ALL society. If there is no family, society shall collapse.

Sadly, to many men and women.. family means nothing when it comes to their new-found “FREEDOM” and “INDIVIDUALITY”. An illusion, of course.  I am so disgusted with these constant displays of ” Women’s freedom” while the city is full of FREE and FRUSTRATED women talking to ten different men simultaneously not achieving anything but more frustration , no family and loneliness and men being MACHO and “in control” by moving from one woman to another all the time… What the HECK does an independent human being mean? There is no such man or woman on earth. NONE are independent. We are ALL dependent on a GOD!

For the sake of God people!  A driving woman, a businesswoman, a rich woman, an educationist, a doctor… whatever.. whoever she may be… She WILL feel INCOMPLETE and lost if she stops BEING a woman and starts being a MAN.  So , you want to be independent and work like a guy and provide. You have a child.. you leave that child WHERE? You think the child needs you a couple of hours a day and a NANNY is just fine? Great.

Men.. They react differently. Some guys say, ok you are independent, share the burden of expense. Some guys just don’t even want to marry anymore. Some guys give in , and then.. it becomes a matriarchal home… a disaster.  Guys.. a long list of women.. and one night stands give you nothing but an expense and a fake relief.. totally..

The fact is, we are all burdening each other and our focus has shifted from realities to illusions. We base our perceptions on ILLUSIONS and MISCONCEPTIONS and not REALITY..

You see, it is not even about men and women anymore. It is about wanting more than IS and being what one can or may never be. This applies to both men and women. No one is satisfied with what IS. A home is not enough. A car is not enough. Whatever there is, is not enough. We need to have more and more. We are obsessed. We want to know the future, and we are freaking out at the present. Many guys are wasting time talking about stuff that really does not concern them at all. Many women are lost and alone for stressing on points that mean nothing. Many couples have separated and to date have no clue what caused it. All expectations from each other and all frustrations ON EACH OTHER…

Do families pray together? Eat together?

Here is my conclusion: When men start being MEN and women start being WOMEN and realize the IMPORTANCE of WORSHIPING GOD and Maintaining a Family.. Divorce rates WILL go down.

There is NOTHING greater to be concerned about..


2 thoughts on “Divorce: Destruction of a Family…

  1. This post was amazing and very truthful. I hope that many people will read your powerful words. I agree that without God, everything falls apart. We need to remain focused on what’s important and not all the corrupt ideas we so easily allow to consume us. It’s so easy to push the blame on others but we are in control of ourselves. If a marriage fails, both parties have failed. I myself am struggling to keep mine together for the sake of what’s right and for the family. Thanks again for this eye opener.

    • I hope that you are successful! And I hope that your family and you find joy and completion. You are trying. .and that Really matters. GOD bless you.and thanks.

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