Existence, Experience and an Apology

The final thing in life is never death. I wonder if there is even an end to anything? How can there be when you, the human being, has no end?

I was reading the Quran last night. I read verses about the process of death. Allah says it very clearly. Angels come and remove YOU from your body. If you are Good as per criteria of Allah, they salute you and take you to a good place. If not, you salute them and say you were doing good but they tell you otherwise and take you to a bad place. You are not welcomed. You are abruptly taken. That’s how it happens. You, in all cases, continue to experience existence and your senses work. Otherwise, there would be no good or bad to feel, right?

Pretty awesome reading I have to say. Always is. Quran.

Though there are so many pages,so many verses,so much told and so many different aspects discussed, the conclusion is so beautiful and simple. The solution to the human conditions is so clear and beautiful.

We were created to be perfect but in exercising our gift of will, we goofed up and became much less than perfect. And so, we were, and are, subjected to so many different situations.. And its all to perfect that will again and be in real submission and harmony with our Creator. Now, the Creator can make that happen in a minute, but He would like you to choose it. So, what do we do? Submit and apologize. We continuously seek forgiveness because we continuously fall..and that’s when He acts. He resolves all your issues and restores you to what you were meant to be.


Dependence and reliance on the Mercy of Allah causes changes in you and around you. Constant apology and praise keeps you connected..and so you experience good. In life, in death and for all eternity..

It is really that simple.
A matter of love, betrayal, apology and eternal love..and Mercy.

May Allah forgive and bless you all. Ameen.

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