Good Deeds on FB

There is something about being sincere that I love. Its called silence. You love somebody and do things for them. You go out of your way. But you never let anyone know. You keep it to you.
They do a lot for their children. Children, of course, cannot repay them for their sacrifices and pains in raising them. Many do all they can for their parents.


The minute they mention it, it all just looks unreal. Pretentious.

Parents cannot go around saying they did a lot for their kids. They have to. Its their duty. Though its always a lot more than what children can do for them.
Children also should not go around talking about all they have done or are doing for their parents. They simply MUST. No need to mention it!

What destroys the beauty of doing anything for anyone out of love, care or mentioning it. Why mention it? What do you want people to do? Sing songs about your greatness?

I am so sick of people posting their sentiments for people on facebook! I mean, what the hell?

Husband loves wife, wife loves husband, what the heck does it have to do with your friends list?

Sharing such stuff means what? “I am so good”?

People are living whole lives on facebook. Posting everything from going to the toilet to buying flowers for the spouse to feeling tired..

Sharing a view that may cause a beneficial debate or sharing information that can help is better. A public forum should be a place where what you say should concern people in general.

Like instead of saying: I did this for my parents today, one could simply say: be kind to your parents, they were kind to you..
That is if you feel the world needs to know such facts..

Because you see, no matter what you are doing for your loved ones, there is always somebody doing a lot more for their loved ones, quietly with a smile..

Be kind, be nice and make it greatness by being quiet about it..

Because by talking about it, you make it look like you did it just so that you can post on facebook and so that people praise you or sympathize with you. Desiring both is ok, but expecting by expressing what needs to remain in the heart is pretty cheap!

I see a lot of this drama on facebook. Expression of love and care between people who actually live in the same house!

Express it in person! You don’t need to make the world your witness. This is real life, we do not need to pretend!

Expression of sorrow over someone’s death when you never went to meet them while they were alive… Posting feelings for family when you should be showing your affection through action and not only in words..

Why do some people do this?

3 thoughts on “Good Deeds on FB

  1. People today need approval from the society today at all steps, they think if they don’t show certain emotions publicly they might not be appreciated or approved of. If you aren’t of those who expressive of your personal emotions you’re either insensitive or simply boring!

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