Random Thoughts Tonight

The most expensive thing these days is money. Because money has started to cost people their happiness, peace of mind and even their sanity sometimes.

We are caught up in a vicious circle. Lost in a never ending maze of illusions. Chasing what does not exist really. Sacrificing what is precious. All for a concept called money.

We work, we talk and we exert a lot of energy to make money. Its a need, yes. But, is it all we need?

I grew up in a society where there was a lot of stress on earning good money. Where we had to prove ourselves to people around us. Where we could not be what we wanted to be but be what people thought we should be. A society of bloody losers as they have now proven themselves to be. Earning money should not be the purpose of life!

Our society stands confused, without identity or class and in chaos thanks to the ways of the ones that raised us. Their views and perceptions and most of all their beliefs and actions.

What the hell have they been doing all these years? What standards, based on what criteria have they set for us? What have they done to produce such an angry generation?

A lot. A lot of what is against our faith and in violation of our holy book. They have destroyed our society. And, we are finding it very difficult to fix!

The behavior of any grown man reflects two things: how he was raised and how he Chose to grow.

I, for example, rebelled against anything that went against Quran from early childhood. If what my father, mother or teachers said did not confirm to a verse in the Quran, I put a question mark next to it. And, I actually said it and acted differently. This made me a rebel. A successful one, because you simply cannot go wrong if applying the Quran.

A rebel with a cause. The cause being: I shall live and advise people to live according to Quran even if their elders mind. Let them. They are wrong.

And so I have lived.

Not that I don’t make mistakes. I do. Then I repent. I cannot insist on being right when I know I am wrong. This is the difference between me and the generation that has been calling the shots for the past 60 years or more.

No..we are still not calling the shots. We are still living under systems created by our previous generation. Systems that mock our belief and ridicule our perceptions and challenge our minds. And most of all, violate our Quran..

And so, corruption has now become part of our lives. Money earning, distribution and ways have been corrupted to the extent that the balance is out. A very sad state of affairs..

What do you think will be the result of mixing western thinking with eastern thinking, Jewish banking system, Interest, Zakat, western education system, Islamic values, sharia and British law? A bloody malfunction will be the result! And our societies are malfunctioning. Too obvious! This is the mixture we grew up and live in.

Western societies stuck to their ways, right or wrong. We did not. So, though they may have issues, we are simply idiots of the world. We create nothing, build nothing, do nothing right, have retarded rules and policies and we talk about Islam a lot.
How tragic is that?

Just thinking…

4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts Tonight

  1. Re -Mixing western and eastern thinking
    I’m a white Muslim in Canada, the only one among family and friends and it’s difficult. I am constantly bumping up against personal conflicts. I follow the Quran but maintain my previous social life. So, I eat non-halal steaks in restaurants, go to pubs but don’t drink, don’t cover. I live in a multi ethnic area of hard working, proud new Canadians from every religion and life style, cross cultural/religious marriages and for the most part we get along. And although many can only get jobs as taxi drivers many have started new businesses. A pair of Sikh ice hockey fanatics started describing games in Hindi on TV and it’s a hit. Once men and women have fewer stupid restrictions creativity explodes.

    Have you read ‘Radical – My Journey Out Of Islamist Extremism’ by Maajid Nawaz?

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