Time Machine


There is a need for it.
A time machine..

People need to keep going back in time and see events that have shaped this world and life on it today.
Because, it seems to me that people do not learn from history anymore. History is not even read anymore in fact. Emotions rule and agendas are carried out. Learning from history has stopped..because learning and growing is not a priority. Surviving is.

No racist attitude or policy has ever found success on earth..no oppressor has ever been successful and many nations have perished for practices I could list here. Practices we have and encourage. Practices we call normal.

There is something going on. Fear is becoming an obsession and this obsession is causing chaos. In minds. Chaotic minds breeding disgusting thoughts of violation of other human beings’ right to existence reflected in actions and decisions. All of which get or will get equally terrible reactions…and so chaos will be the result. Anarchy, injustice, bloodshed and crimes. Don’t you hear sirens all the time now?

Yes, we need a time machine to see how we ‘progressed’ into what we had sworn we would never be. We need to travel back to that time when we learnt what action did what. We have forgotten, it seems.

We need to travel back to that day when one son of Adam killed the other for his ego and then regretted it so much. He initiated murder on earth…
We need to go back and see the humiliation and disgust on his face…and learn from it.

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