The Damned be WHO?


I see images of thousands of poor people who have already been suffering from extreme poverty and deprivations being tied up and put in vans and treated like animals. Their crime? Stealing because they were hungry and deprived. Judged by another human being who is privileged and well fed, living in luxury they cannot even imagine. These poor people are criminals. Yes.. they do commit crimes. Lots of crimes. But, you see, no one is interested in knowing the reason they commit these crimes. Everyone is ready to judge and GOSH we love to punish. We punish and punish. We hurt. We kill. We love it. Our own kind. Flesh and blood like us.

Damned are you if you are poor buddy.

There is one thing I do not get. Why is there no effort to remove poverty and develop these people into better human beings through education and opportunity?

When I was in Pakistan for 2 years, I made a decision in my HR firm. I decided to adopt ex convicts, criminals, people on the streets, junkies and the LOST and POOR of my area and make them like….US.. the privileged. I was successful with a large number of people. But, I made people  LIKE ME very upset. They were concerned. Shamelessly and openly. Their concern was that if these people are raised through education and training and if they become “proper” , their rates of working per hour will rise too. Never mind that there will be more security and better services.. what about our MONEY?????

Please tell me, who is the Criminal??

It is not an achievement to destroy a nation. It is an achievement to create peace in a nation.


Define this term. What is the criteria that makes a person illegal? And, what is the basis of this criteria if there is indeed a criteria? Divine inspiration? Fear? Foolishness? Wisdom? WHAT?

If I was Governor of Sindh, and my advisors told me that there are 100,000 people from some country in a certain area and they are there with no visas or expired visas.. I would not catch them like stray dogs, tie them up and put them in a ship. I would put them in a compound with all facilities, including schools for their children and educate them and train them for a variety of different things that can be done in my country. I would get in touch with their country rulers and work with them to find a way to fit these people in various jobs, after training so that they can benefit, my country can benefit and THEIR country can benefit. This action would build lives, make my ties stronger.

They would be treated just like any citizen would be in terms of law and order. You committed a crime> it was proven> here is the punishment.  You are brought here by force? I would punish the one that brought them, compensate them and send them home with respect and their dignity intact. If they wanted to stay, I would allow it if they help in growth and respect our laws and customs. Just being on my land without reason is NOT A CRIME to me. This is a human being, not a dangerous animal!!

Is this not what I should do as a MUSLIM?

In wars that Muslims fought in the times of the Sahaba, POW ( prisoners of war) were released if they could teach us something. Otherwise, they were treated in the BEST way possible. These men may have killed our own and definitely raised their weapons against us… This is what our Prophet Muhammad SAW taught us.

I think we have forgotten our religion and are totally fascinated by whatever is counter productive and inhumane.

May Allah have mercy.

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