Psychic or Psycho?

I have had spiritual experiences I don’t like to talk about. I’m sure everyone does. Its normal. We are spiritual beings.

Let me tell you one thing: if you get a dream or vision about something or someone, it is for a reason. You may see something occurring now, in the past OR in the future. It is not being shown to you so you start saying ‘I SAW’ ‘I am Gifted’ and start celebrating! It is shown so you can either fix it, resolve it or advise someone properly!

If I get a vision of someone having an accident day after tomorrow, I won’t advertise it. I will first pray to God to not let it happen. Then I will feed the poor for them or ask them to do it, then advise them very privately of my vision…and, give all possible solutions.

Visions are responsibility.

Of course, prayer and acceptance of the prayer, by God, CAN change destinies. Who has written it can rewrite it. Our God is capable of anything. SubhanAllah!

Now, I have met lots of real psychics who have gone totally psycho with time. They had too much info in their minds but did not know what to do with it!
This happens. Some are born with it, some develop it. In any case, absence of religion and belief makes this gift become a curse..


Either one starts to worship the self, or one starts to scare the daylights out of people either telling them bad news and hurting them, or filling them with joy that could end in despair. Real solutions come from prayers after knowledge of fact…and even before it.

That’s why, fortune tellers and readers and all other such practitioners are banned in Islam. To protect people from worshiping anyone but One God. Tawheed. You, me and all we know or can do is nothing in front of Him..

Whatever has been, is and will be is under divine control of God. No point in knowing it or crying over past! Just pray, do sajda and seek forgiveness for past mistakes and good things today and tomorrow. Life WILL be good. Believe me!

Once a guy was reading my palm. I started to read Ayat al Kursi. In a few seconds, his face almost turned white and he actually RAN away! Lol.
What is Ayat al Kursi? Basically verses from the Quran that say nothing can occur except by will of God. It means, no magic, no accident, no good or bad can happen unless He allows it. Why would He allow anything bad to happen to you!

Two reasons:
1. Punishment for something you do or did.
2. Test for claiming something

Astaghfar. Apologize and ask God to fix your mistake and not test you.

So, target achieved. Your prayer increased whether you got a vision or were tested. And, then, all is balanced!


Be psychic, but don’t go psycho by leaving Deen and Belief.

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