Human Rights and Justice..

There is a difference between giving rights to humans and doing wrong to them. Sometimes, giving too many rights to someone may be a huge wrong to someone else. So, while maintaining human rights, you maybe violating human rights too.

We do this, don’t we?

I have serious doubts about humans ever reaching the position where they are able to exercise Complete justice.

A guy shoots a number of innocent people and he awaits trial and may just be sentenced to life imprisonment while families of killed may mourn and suffer. One wrong guy getting rights and a dozen right people being wronged.

What human rights?

Four guys publicly rape and torture an innocent girl in a bus. They have not been publicly hanged yet. What human rights is this?

We, I think, have gone overboard with our obsession for ‘human rights’. To the extent that we have started nurturing criminals and not punishing them. Punishments are set so that standards maybe set and society may be free of crime and so common folks would feel safe. Their human right.

Saudi Arabian authorities publicly execute killers and rapists. Result? Much safer than most of the so called ‘first world’ countries. Human beings cannot be fair law makers. But, God can be. Thus, the need for divine books. And divine books say public execution is a great way of maintaining safety of people.

A murderer may think a million times before killing anyone here. A murder happens every minute elsewhere.
What human rights?

And more than that, where is Real Justice?

Where is the public’s right to security when you give a murderer the right to live while he/she has already deprived someone from living?

A murderer should be executed publicly the day their crime is proven. This, I feel, is human rights given properly.

Do not violate human rights while ensuring human rights..Justice is the greatest human right!

3 thoughts on “Human Rights and Justice..

  1. Hi Ali Justice and human rights, in many ways a double edged sword. You know my stand on capital punishment so won’t harangue you again.
    Just watched the evening news and the lead item was the arrest of a corrupt Pakistani government official. I’m interested in your opinion and explanation of the situation.

    • He got what he deserved and the President should get the same. Crime should never go unpunished no matter who commits it.
      Its nice to see the Supreme Court rule fairly for a change. But, it took a huge long march by the people to happen. These same people will now throw out the rest of the government and appoint a government that will throw out the constant foreign interference, so Pakistan can grow.
      Saudi Arabia has already told all so called ‘monitors’ to basically ‘get lost’ as far as their protest over capital punishment is concerned. They have said in a nutshell: this is our policy and rule and it works, so we will carry it out when someone kills.

  2. Thanks for your reply.
    The ‘monitors’ protest capital punishment in Saudi but I don’t hear them doing the same in Texas. How is beheading any different than lethal injection or the electric chair? Dead is dead.

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