We have seen the worst of mankind and amazing crimes last year .. on all levels. Crimes against humanity by humans. Compared to the damage men have caused, natural disasters seem like moments of relief and mercy. I just hope that this year, we have lesser casualties than last year.. world-wide.

And, guess what I saw early this morning.. on the 1st of January 2013.

I was coming home after dropping my son at school. On the first traffic light, on my right.. a car stopped another car. A guy got out and pulled out the guy sitting in the car stopped.. AND.. a FIGHT.  A fist fight started on the main road at 8 AM. Happy New year guys!

If we create, if we make things beautiful.. we destroy them too. Quite easily.

What I find truly amazing and disgusting at the same time is that as the populations increase, budgets get better, income rises.. so do the bloody rents and prices. An expatriate used to pay about 100 Riyals a YEAR as some sort of tax to renew ID, now he will be paying SAR 2400.. Rates for all services from the Government will go up.. NEVER MIND the huge amounts of budgets we have. How does that make sense ?

So, the richer we get, the more stingy we get and we prove it through action, policy and plan. My my.. we have progressed!

I see a municipality cleaner outside my boy’s school each day. Each day I tip him. Each day he WAITS for that tip. He needs it. It is not something extra. It is not a TIP, it COULD be his INCOME!

So, the guys that clean your streets and pick up your garbage, the guys that protect you, the guys that fix your homes and SERVE you.. get the least. And, the guys that smack you around and scare you get the most.

2013! We grow..maybe..

And then, these same cleaners, security people.. the VITAL workers.. DO get crafty and intelligent after a while when they are exposed to so much information. When they know that YOU do not care about them nor do you think they are worth anything. They steal, they lie, they cheat and they may even kill. At the least, they HATE YOUR GUTS..lol. And, this reflects in their work: the quality of services you get and the amount of loyalty you have from them. You, my friend, are NOT safe if these “SMALL” people do not respect you or care for you. They OWN the streets, not you. You are BIG because they accepted to be small. The day they do not accept to be small, YOU will be their slave. Keep that in mind, always.

India… the biggest democracy in the world has proved herself to be the biggest loser just before the end of the year. A girl gets gang raped.. beaten.. dies. The public protests.. people are afraid and angry and the government is behaving like an ASS deceiving people and NOT DELIVERING JUSTICE. Ministers, even the President.. everyone is ridiculed, cursed and hated today. What democracy and what justice?

Pakistan, ANARCHY! And, Mr. President remains indifferent. Chief of Army indecisive. People lost. What Islamic Republic and what Sharia?

People of these countries have, by the way, REALIZED that they are living under INCOMPETENT, FAKE and DECEPTIVE leaders..so, the natural reactions WILL be seen..and the mighty SHALL fall. But, at what cost?

Yes, 2012 has revealed to the world .. that the world needs to change. To re-evaluate and to FIX. An older generation HAS to now take the back seat after proving their failure to build what they promised. Games of power and politics have no respect left on Earth. Whatever stupid game anyone plays anywhere, 1000 people reveal it and the mud-slinging starts. Mud slinging, what Media has become a playground for. Filthy entertainment and lousy, miserable news.

But, the most wonderful thing that IS happening and I experience it happily each day is that people are uniting. They are communicating and connecting and getting over the garbage their brains have been fed for years. And, soon, people will DECIDE. In fact, they are deciding..

The people of this world are like lost children whose parents claim to love them but in fact abuse them and have no care nor concern for their welfare..Governments are like parents… and these parents have done a LOUSY job so far..

I wish everyone lots of happiness and Unity. I wish all lands to be peaceful and people to be happy..

Happy New Year everyone..

PS: Reflect.. do not despair..:)




9 thoughts on “2013..Thoughts..

  1. Agree with you 100% and because of such deception from leaders and the fraud, the lies and the deception that exists in business dealings & in dealing with eachother all people are suffering and leading unhappy lives. So we see many in the West and alot many Muslims who were fed garbage all these years are now seeking the truth. The only place they find truth and solace is in ISLAM.

  2. Ah, guys, you are too depressing on this first day of 2013. Do not despair. All will be well. All that you are despairing about are huge problems that have been going on for millennia and will continue. You can’t take on all the world’s ills. Venting is good but you have to also relax and enjoy what you have. Gads, you are both so intense and passionate. Take ten deep breaths, smile, have a coffee and think about the good things in your lives. Maybe each some chocolate.

  3. At least Garfield will make you laugh more. Maybe your venting helps reduce high blood pressure and chance of a heart attack. Laughter releases endorphins that make you feel good. And smile.

    I’m beginning to sound like a bloody counselor.

    • Well heart attacks and blood pressure are for those that see reality only when it hits them hard.. When it is too late. I try and show what IS instead of encouraging illusion..
      But, yes.. Chocolate is Amazing, loool!

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