…and You..


Times change. People change. Life changes. We grow..or we decline. We spread or we die out. Nations come…nations go… goes on.

I am so deeply engrossed and occupied in understanding life now. So much more than before. As a teenager I rebelled..found a better way of life..lived it..benefited and went on. Slamming my independence and strength on the face of all those that opposed me once. Should give a huge boost to the ego..right? did not boost my ego…not at all. Because, I had never rebelled because of my ego..but to present to my stressed out and disturbed people a better way of living…I genuinely have sought the happiness of all those around me and all human beings…
You will hardly ever find me telling a person suffering from the consequence of an action I advised them against ” I told you so”…I do not rub it in. I do not seek praise nor do I discard it…I just care..and I am there for them..unconditionally..
I am talking from heart now..I love all of you. All you human beings.

It hurts me to see someone suffer or be foolish. It hurts me. You may detect anger in some of my previous posts. It is not is frustration and the burden of knowing how another human being is doing something that will eventually hurt is the helplessness that bothers me..My inability to stop them and no right to interfere. Thus..silence..and hurt. and if not silent..then words…
When I do something stupid and hurt someone unknowingly..and see the pain in their eyes…My heart breaks too. Every time I have gone wrong…I have felt grief…and goes on folks…life goes on. We learn..

I pray to have mercy on all of us…always…we are in a really weird state of confusion now…of uncertainty…of frustration..

I would treat your property as my own and protect as I would mine if you leave it to matter who you are. If I were to walk into the lands of those we may call heart would still love their children as it loves my own..regardless of race, religion, and gender…I care for you as I care for me..

I cry when far away someone being shot cries for justice…I cry when any man is deprived of freedom and life..I cry for each human that cries on earth..And…what do I do with a heart like mine?

Each human precious…such a miracle…

My friends from all lands..all races..all religions…join me today..hold my hand and lets make a deal…lets promise each other that we will spread peace…Let us forgive..and love this One life we have…let us care…let us forgive…



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