If you think about it seriously and long enough, you realize how short life is and how quickly it passes by. We grow. Do we grow? I think we just pass time. Some of us grow a lot in terms of Knowing and Doing, and many of us don’t.
I have been reflecting.
The fact that we all die tells me how this life cannot be the real deal. How can an entity comprising of so much ever end anywhere? And death as it happens in many ways, natural and ‘accidental’ or killing, can only be a path..a continuation.. But not an ending. So, we are beings going from one dimension to the other. Thus, a journey started somewhere at some point and a journey that shall end somewhere while we continue to exist. We keep experiencing and gathering information. The journey shows all conditions and states. Being helpless and being totally in charge. Being subjected to elements and one day controlling the elements. Why?
This may never be answered.. Unless through complete realization of creation. And, I am sure that in the dimension we are in now..this knowledge may not help us in anyway. So, the learning continues- dead or alive..being taught what is needed for NOW. Where is time in all this?
Time then is for periods of experience? What was time to us before birth? What will it be after death? It definitely has a great impact now…or do WE let it affect us? I feel the secret lies in the NOW. When our awareness reaches a point where we can be in the NOW fully, we learn manipulation of time because we understand Time. And, if we can do this, then what is distance? Nothing.
So, the reality with constraints and ‘rules’ is a reflection of the boundaries we have set, or boundaries that have been set, for our souls within us for this realm. Limited perception and insufficient knowledge confines us and this confinement generates fear and these fears make us create policies, boundaries, countries and so nations become the divisions of a single body of mankind. This is the period of darkness in our eternal existence.
In this darkness, a voice comes from our source. From where our journey began. Voice of our creator through a human entity Sent with knowledge. The blessing of guidance in the world of blind and lost people creating chaos and pain. Religion. Guide books and Manuals with demonstration from the Messengers. ‘How to overcome all in this dimension and environment’.. That is what guide books are there for.
With this, the ability to choose. Decision making and eventually performance appraisal.. Judgment.

Oh I could write forever.. But will stop here.. Thoughts about our journey..

Keep smiling you all..

One thought on “Journey

  1. Choice. Life could be an expedition, a short excursion, a tough trek, a glorious voyage, a pilgrimage, a serendipitous journey. Never linear.

    For me life is not a journey to the end with the intent of arriving safely in a well-preserved body, but to skid in sideways, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, martini in hand loudly proclaiming … WOW! What a ride and the angels groaning, ‘Oh, no she’s here.’ Smile indeed.

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