SSDC: Global Village


We all wear jeans. We all communicate mostly in English. We all focus on making as much as we can. We all hang around malls on weekends. We all have the same concerns, fears and we all watch similar TV channels..

We are: Westerners, Asians and Arabs ..and most of the world.. So how are we different and what The heck happened to variety on Earth? Nationalism has become a joke..because, originality and uniqueness has disappeared from nations. Whether the pronunciation is right or not and no matter how ridiculous one may sound..most prefer to speak in English in their countries and lands. Original Urdu..Arabic and Hindi are slowly disappearing. Every sentence we say in our language..has an English word somewhere..

Like I have said always: Import a language and you will import a culture and way of life. I do not have any issues with that. What bothers me is the claim of nations to be unique..No such thing. No one is unique and there is no variety…just the same thing all over and wherever you look…

Instead of the regular cafes, for example, why don’t we see local style tents serving tea and local food? Heritage and culture are talked about in books not shown by ‘Way of life’..

Honestly, if you put a Jew, a Palestinian, a Pakistani and a South American in front if me…I would say they are from the same place..That is because they will be wearing similar clothing and wanting the same things in life.

Same everything…different races..Nevertheless..similar.. No variety.

So then why is every nation so high on national identity..What purpose does it serve anymore!

Belief reflects in perception and styles and way of life..And, if the way of life is the same globally then belief must be similar too..right?

Nothing is genuinely made somewhere…everything is made in

It is the corporate world today and everyone’s mission in life is to make money.

Culture, heritage, local clothing and language replaced and all policy adopted.

Remember SSDD? Now it is SSDC …C stands for country…some very excited people call it Global Village!


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