Attention & Beauty

Looking within more than around, I keep discovering new things. I travel to the past and analyze all that I have done so far. We move, forget and never regret. That’s us..human beings. But, we should. We should look back in time sometimes. It helps to fix whatever is going on now.

Enough said about what KSA can do and how people are materialistic. Enough said about a lot of things. We worry, find fault and get upset. We discuss and get frustrated. What’s the point?

I read a nice thing today. The more we breed ugliness within our minds, the more it reflects on our bodies one day. So why even pay attention to what is ugly in this world. Why not look at what is beautiful? It is a choice, right? Who told us to be so realistic? What is ‘realistic’ anyway?

When we respond to negativity, negativity is born within the mind. And, if bred, it will consume us like fire consumes wood. So why? Why not just think beautiful and live in beauty as a result?

I wonder today why they show ‘news’ on TV. What purpose does it serve?(Really bothered by visuals of killing) How does it help me or anyone to know what is going on in a country far away? We spend hours watching news about the world and we have no clue about how our neighbor is..( I know, I have said this before)..

So let them show news.. I don’t want to watch it..

Though I agree, it documents crimes..but, please present them as evidence when you are really going to prosecute! Not as part of daily entertainment!

I would rather watch good things. Beautiful things..
What am I trying to say?
I am saying: what we pay attention to is what grows in us and around us.

In being affected so deeply about what has been happening around us, I started to focus on the reactors within me. Everything I pay attention to gets a small or big reaction from within my mind. Going into the mind, in the chamber of reactions I found so many undesirable random reactions. I realized how little we know of our own minds!

Operation: clean up!

These reactions have an affect on our whole being. We must learn to allow and disallow information.

We will not be asked about anything except our faith and what we as individuals have done, decided and pursued in this life.

Every home today is full judges, politicians, clergy, and victims as per the focus of each person.. What I see on TV, I am beginning to see in people. So reactions and situations are happening accordingly. Sad truth: beauty and peace is not found easily anymore! We bombard our minds, our kids and each other with negativity all the is what we have started to really enjoy now. Invitation to large scale destructions..

Noisy minds, frustrated people and angry reactions..why?

Let’s focus on beauty and peace by first emptying the memory polluted by negativity in our minds and rebuild perception..please!

Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty…

3 thoughts on “Attention & Beauty

  1. Historically beauty and peace have never been easy to find. People have to find these within themselves and by themselves and can’t blame outside influences for not finding them. Some find beauty and peace through religion, poetry, art, solitude, friendship, watching a sunset, dancing, or in the joy of watching their children. I found ultimate peace and beauty on a trip to Mada’in Saleh, the last place I ever thought I’d find either. I was caught by surprise and that was the best gift. It is we ourselves who decide what is beauty and what gives us peace. It is not an event but a process that may take a lifetime and it starts with each individual. Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jesus, Mohammad and Sappho, Cleopatra, Mary, Boudicca have proven that one person can indeed change the world.

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