Why are we ignorant?

Ignorance is not lack of knowledge. It is not a silent man. Ignorance is revealed in actions and tone of voice. How we act, behave and DO things is what shows how ignorant or refined we are.
I have met many people who hold high degrees and diplomas yet they behave like peasants. And I have met many peasants that are highly refined in their behavior. Behavior is the result of perception and the limits of perceptions are set by belief which depends entirely on the vision and understanding of the human being. Making your mind a container of knowledge is never enough.
Our Prophet Muhammad PBUH could neither read nor write yet he is number 1 in the list of the most influential men in human history! Why? His behavior and acts.

It is Ramadan. People fast all day. They pray 5 times, they read the Quran. Yet, lots and lots of people talk loudly, cannot control their anger, are frustrated and racing against time. Based on what belief?

We all have great knowledge of books. We talk of great scholars, quote them and make notes. We display knowledge. We quote verses from the holy book. Yet we resent the the needy. We back bite. We shout. We want more and more. We are not kind to children and respectful to elders. We fear and we fear a lot. And, this reflects in our actions, dealings and ultimately policies of life.

I have heard several lectures from people that say working in a bank is haram yet they have accounts in several banks. Display of knowledge is there, but actions say otherwise!

I dread driving around before futoor ( breaking the fast). The way people drive is scary. Just this evening I saw 2 accidents on the road. One of them lethal. Someone was in a hurry. Someone lost their life..

I drive from Riyadh to Jeddah. I stop at a gas station. I go to the toilet facility. It has piles of excretion, flies and all the filth one can imagine. Built, maintained and used by Muslims..with Cleanliness being equated to fifty percent of faith!

We all know this..but do we DO anything?

I am from a country which claims to be an ‘Islamic Republic’ yet it has everything, from judiciary to society, that is unislamic and secular! And, these countries are full of ‘scholars’ of religion. Someone is a Shaikh and someone is a Mufti..

I live in a country that allows one man to control another man’s whole life by being the ‘sponsor’.

I have met many ‘knowledgeable’ of religion that totally believe that everyone different from them is a low life and it is how they treat others!

Lots of talk. Actions? None

That’s ignorance.

We are blessed with a Book. Quran. Full of wisdom and definite guidelines for an excellent life. We read it. Memorize it. But never completely implement it internally or externally.

That’s ignorance.

People are dying in many countries. From hunger, massacre and helplessness. We do nothing. We say a lot.

That’s ignorance.

We say that Allah provides if we trust him. Yet, we lose anything for money. Even our dignity.

That’s ignorance.

I can go on and on..but, what’s the point?

I just sit here and wonder: why are we so ignorant? Why do we insist on ignorance and make each other’s life miserable!

Why do we love being knowledgeable yet never overcome ignorance?


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