My Word..

What we say, write, think and do is all being recorded. What lies behind all of this is intention. And that is what matters.

It often happens that we promise someone something, sign an agreement and realize we may have made a mistake. A greater mistake is to abandon the whole thing and try to move on. Even if the other party are not worth it, your word should be worth it. In fact, let’s agree that we cannot really truly judge anyone except our selves.

The reality is, you are given power and deprived of it because of the quality of your intentions and guts to do what you say. Yes, you may not be able to deliver on time. Constraints. The human condition. But, never say I cannot. Say , inshallah , I will. Your commitment and intention to keeping your word is what counts. Not your ability. Your WILL and Intention is what is granted respect, ability and resource.

Deep thinking folks! But, its the truth.

Smart and sneaky does gain, but loses quickly too. Sincere may suffer but reins supreme eternally. That’s the difference.
Don’t steal from a thief and don’t lie to a liar! Be consistent in this and see what blessings you get.

What else do we have in life?

We promised to worship our One Allah once, we betrayed. We promise to honor our marriage, we often disgrace it. We promise to pay back what we borrow, we try to evade it. We, humans, suffer often because we don’t do or even intend to do what we say! Why?
Our ‘common sense’, ego, whisperer or logic tells us we will not be able to. ‘ How will I ever pay this?’ ‘ Oh come on! This makes no sense’ ‘ I give up!’.. Logic presents these thoughts. Lack of guts makes us submit and a losers life begins.

Let’s look around. None of us really deserve a lot. But, some of us get a lot. Many of us criticize saying ‘oh, he is such a sinner and he has so much and we don’t do haram yet we don’t get as much’.. Here is a question: would you be willing to take on the responsibilities, dealings, contracts and commitments of that person? Maybe he has done something you would not even dare to do in your dreams! Think about it. It is all about the guts to first make an agreement and then the guts to keep it or persist in keeping it..and not let ‘common sense’ make you turn away and give up. An agreement beyond your current ability and based on faith alone..?

‘ You still have not done this and you promised you will’, people have said to me.
‘ Yes, and inshallah I will’, I replied
‘ When??’
‘ Asap’
They may not respect that answer, but I love the expression on their face when its done. Allah gets it done.

I met a Shaikh in Makkah who wanted to invest in my company. I signed an agreement. He met me, we prayed in front of the Kaba. There, he shook my hand and we vowed that we will honor our word. He then went into hiding. I called him many times, he did not answer. Then one day he called and said: I just get scared touching my money. ‘ Go suffer with your fears’ is all I could say. Not heard from him or of him since..

And once..

I had nothing in my pocket. Our apartment rent was delayed 3 years. This was 7 years ago.
I said to the landlord that I will take the apartment from my family and pay it all by paying 5000 a month. He had freaked out. How?? I said, its my word, I take the responsibility and Allah is my witness. I paid it all..before time. I really had no money when I gave my word. Call it insane, if you like.

Allah helped me to fulfill my promise eventually. He always does, for anyone who takes the step.

Who takes the step? Those that Believe that there is a Creator who will honor their word if they honor Him and their word..

I pray to my Allah to enable me to keep my word…and fulfill my promises to Him and His creation..


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