Women’s Only Hospitals

I just saw a news item on the Arab News site ( http://www.arabnews.com) – check todays edition.

Shoura pushes to create Women’s Only Hospitals to counter the mingling of sexes. I have heard a lot of talk about this mingling thing for a long time. People have written good and bad things about it. It is all over. The concern. The concern for our animal like people. People that simply cannot control themselves at the site of the opposite sex. But, seriously, the concern IS genuine. I do agree that men and women cannot be free of “evil” completely if there is enough MINGLING amongst people with no desire to be good. We have assumed that about all people.. right or wrong.

Women’s ONLY hospital is a great IDEA. The report also says , as mentioned in Arab News, that they presented this argument: Japan has 17 or so women’s only institutions. They are more concerned about protecting the dignity of women.

GOOD!.. I like that too.

But, I have a few questions that I would like to present to these gentlemen. I wish they can answer these very genuine questions and my very genuine concerns.

Here they Are:

1. How do you allow Men to Sell Lingerie and women’s under garments, AND other very intimate toiletries/ cosmetics/ perfumes PUBLICLY? Is this not a bit MORE than mingling?

2. How do you allow your women and force others to put their women in small compartments with other men, like in a taxi or a private car? Is the driver their brother or father? Is that not a WEEE bit more than mingling? A single bump or accident could place the lady in the back on the lap of the driver! What about that MINGLE?

3. How can you NOT have Women Only Transport Services? Like a Taxi driven by a female?

4. For that matter, HOW CAN you not have female’s driving too? How can you NOT have female officers? And, Women’s ONLY police stations?

You see, when you talk about Women’s Only Hospitals, you should have LOTS of Women’s Only facilities.. so that the concept works. Our problem is that we create something , without considering ALL factors and then when it all goes terribly wrong.. we sit there and wonder what the HECK we did wrong to have this happen!

Today, at my favorite Tahlia Street, I saw a lady walk into a cafe.. after a long walk , without an Abaya.. cover of any kind.. Dubai style, with her male companion. No one cared ( !).. and she was not ugly!

You know what has happened now? Because of some Women’s only and some ” let them mingle because we cannot change this” .. LOTS of mingling has already happened. Every single person is now connected via BBM and anyone meets anyone anywhere and no one knows about it. Yet, everyone knows about it. Women’s only indeed.

Also, TV channels have shown the female anatomy and the varieties of it to every single person with a TV enough times to get them used to women walking around freely. Believe me.

I do totally agree with Women’s only establishments. I thought of this many times. But, to make it happen, the whole structure of life has to be changed now. It is TOO late.

Let me make an intelligent prediction : If this is approved, mingling will rise in other areas by at least 50%.

Islam is beautiful. It makes a man a HERO. It makes a women PURE. It makes children INTELLIGENT. It makes society PERFECT. But, this happens ONLY when the WHOLE of it is implemented, and not some of it. You cannot make choices. Either you do it all , or you will not find success in doing some.

2 thoughts on “Women’s Only Hospitals

  1. I agree.
    What are they really trying to do ?
    they can’t prevent mingling in the Souq. It is true that they are encouraging it actually by not letting women even sell clothing to other women. They can’t prevent it in Hajj. Mingling is not haram if a woman is dressed as per Islamic shari^a. Only khalwa is.
    It comes down to both sexes to curb their caprices. that’s it into it. if they can’t, well then there must be something completely wrong in the Saudi population morals and conducts. They can’t fix it like this. they are worsening it, i guess.

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