Western Or NOT?

I am sure I have written about this before. I may have expressed this differently or may have mentioned this in some previous post. But, I will talk about this perception of a reality we all overlook constantly. A reality we have been overlooking for the past 60-70 years. A reality we want to ignore and not confront.

I keep wondering why we do not accept realities. Why we want to force something on ourselves. Why we burden ourselves. Why we insist on being the idiots of this world. I am , of course, talking about all nations that are not western. Yes, people, I have a very soft corner for the Westerners. Lovely people. People WE have been absolutely UNFAIR to for centuries. People who have invented and discovered things and concepts we all use today. Like cars, electricity, phone and cellphones, this laptop I am typing on. This language I am writing in.. all of this. And, even the underwear we are wearing right now. lol.. OH COME NOW! Don’t tell me that the brand of your underwear is not Hanes or Saint Michael or something like that. Don’t tell me it is ABU BANTALOON Undergarments! ( no such brand , but you know what I am trying to say right?)…

FOOD: I will not even mention Mcdonalds, Hardees.. Pizza Hut.. Starbucks.. the list is endless and growing…

Ok.. so the Westerns.

BBA, MBA, MD, PHD… O Levels, SAT.. GMAT.. A levels…. all degrees and levels of the western Education system. Engineers, IT professional, Doctor.. ALL professional terms for professions from the West. Right?

So, since birth – we have been subjected to an education system that is either based on the British System OR the American System. Right? With a Hint of other languages such as Arabic, Urdu, Hindi.. or whatever your mother tongue maybe. AND, a lil bit of religion.. like Islamic Education or Culture Studies .. History of  … RIGHT?

The result of this education is a guy or a girl who pursues a Degree of some kind at a College.. a University. Most acceptable Degrees being the ones  from Western Countries of course.

Once that is done, we look for a JOB ( Western term). Either that or , like yours truly, start a business of some kind.. after studying marketing and business administration for years ( Like me)… in a western college… with co-education and Christmas Balls, New Year parties, Beer.. Discos, Beaches.. you name it.. in a Non – Muslim country or simply a Western Country. RIGHT?

So, now that this is the way to go in life.. we are then presented with the challenges that Westerns also face in the West. Debts, Mortgages, Western Banking Systems, Offers, Loans.. Bills.. etc. In addition to this, we have built and are continuously building infrastructures based on Western developments and processes. The top companies and Multi National Firms and Service Providers being Western Corporate Giants… mostly. Though I know there are Japanese , Korean and Others.


The dress code is Suit, Tie.. the way is to be ON TIME.. the process of work is “westernized” and if it is not then a German, Swedish Or American Gentlemen .. is hired as Consultant to come here and restructure and set the company on the right direction. OOOOPS.. Sowaaay.. I furgut to mention a Brritish Gentleman..LOL.. Kidding. I love the Brits. We have a few hundred years old history with them ( as you can see in the map above)

Anyway, jokes apart, this is what happens.. RIGHT???

Frankly guys, my Grandfather never wore a suit ( already mentioned this, I know).. and his father (  titled: shams al Ulama.. or the Sun of Scholars) never left his palace without a turban and his sword. In his Buick or Cadillac of course..:).. But of course, that is when real westernization started. When Shell approached my Great Grandfather to take on the agency for the sub continent. And, he refused , saying.. Oh. Shall we Sell Oil NOW?….too royal for today.. If only he lived another 50 years.. He would know what Shell meant .. But, he had his values, his fortune, his title and his palace. Times started to change after he passed away ( may Allah bless him).

But, that is history folks..

Let us talk about today. Ok, let me make this clear before we go on: I am not saying that what has happened is bad. I am trying to make a point ,which I will make clearly at the end of this post anyway.

So, today.. our society is headed , furiously, towards westernization. Our youth is faced with challenges that western youth face. Our Men wear the same suits, drive similar cars.. speak in similar language ( english, as spoken by a non-english person).. and yes.. face similar responsibilities and challenges.


Western life style, Education, Professionalism, Challenges and ALL is fine.. BUT.. BUT BUT BUT.. What about the Western Freedom?

Where is THAT?

You see, if I work in UK, or USA.. I get 100% freedom of entertainment and decision ALSO!

I marry anytime after 18, to anyone. I do any business I want, if it is legal. Judiciary is good. I have equal opportunity.  I basically have no pressures BUT to pay on time, and pay all my dues. Right??? I also have the right to work anywhere I want. Heck, it costs nothing to register a company in the USA.. and the Sky is the limit if you know what to do and where to go. RIGHT??

So.. here is my question and problem that I present to the People of Pakistan , to begin with:

WHAT THE HELL ARE WE TRYING TO PROVE?  That WE are Westernized Muslims ( even they cannot live in a suffocating environment) and life is all GOOD?

Sir, if you want me to get a PHD, and Be a CONSULTANT..  make life easier without ANY pressure BUT the pressure of work.. Give me FAIR justice systems in which I can easily sue any SOB that violates my rights. SIR.. if you want western education, Western systems, Western Clothing, Western Thinking.. Western Inventions and even Western Styled buildings and furnishings.. WHAT STOPS YOU FROM IMPORTING WESTERN FREEDOM ALSO? Why not import the GOOD perceptions also? Why not import the thinking that WORK is good , even if you wash dishes.. Why not import ” DIGNITY OF LABOR”…? Why not import the things that made Westerns  good inventors and developers of life systems that benefit all of mankind today?

This is not about mimicry anymore.. it is about complete adoption of a way of life and the discarding of a way of life we USED to have. How many of us can honestly confess this? Because if you try to counter this with a BUT.. then I am sorry.. you are a liar. No matter what you say, I will not be convinced.. and .. in fact.. prove you so wrong that you may hate yourself forever.. so don’t even dare..lol.

You see where I am getting at?

I wish we had JUST kept the good Ole British India.. we would have been a GREAT( ER) nation today.. We are NOT independent in 2011.. we are divided.. and we are busting our HINDS.. trying to be Westernized in ALL Ways.. but not letting go of  values we use to cover our dirty work.. SAD!

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