We were going to have our business review meeting at a cafe at Tahlia today. But, before leaving I looked at the sky and saw clouds telling me, don’t let the little ray of sun getting through fool you Ali, we will pour water over your heads today. So, I said fine dear clouds.. we will meet elsewhere. I called my associate and told him to meet at Four Seasons Hotel for the meeting. It used to be our “meeting room” for a long time until we saw the action at Tahlia. Time to return. And, anyway, they have changed the decoration.. and it is remarkable.

We sat there discussing business plans, budgets, travels, HR , payrolls.. strategy.. and the rest of the routine stuff.

There was some conference going on, so lots of people were coming and going.  Business personalities, royals.. all kinds of people. Men and women. All cool. Daily business.

Then, I saw it. Right in the middle of the lobby tea lounge. Near the “family” section.. A PIANO!. A Grand piano! And, I actually said this in my heart: Prince Al Walid, you are the best!

I have been playing the keyboard, piano and anything with keys ( accordion etc.) since I was a kid. Self taught. Play from ear. And I play anything. And, I love it.

I even have a keyboard in my house. My son, and his cousins before him have totally destroyed it now.. though I was the one that allowed them to play with it thinking that one day they WILL destroy it and that is the day I will buy another one that no kid will be allowed to touch. But, business and family takes all my time. And, days pass, months pass and we forget our plans to buy ourselves those things we love to have. We even forget that we have talents that give us inner peace and move on.

When I was alone, I used to play the keyboard, compose music, write songs and sing them 2 -3 hours daily. My neighbors, much to my surprise, loved it. I thought I was bothering them. But, when I did not play for a long time, my neighbor told me one day ” We miss your songs and music, why don’t you play anymore?”.. I will buddy, soon.

That piano at the Four Seasons reminded me of my very deep passion for music. My very deep desire to express my thoughts through music also. I was , in fact, about to get up and play the piano today. I told my associate this and he looked at me ” YOU PLAY THE PIANO???”.. he has known me for 7 years and he had no idea that I played music. “Yes, I do” I told him.. ” I am not all about business strategy you know, there are other things I love to do!”..

You see, all this made me a little sad. Especially with the rain, the cold.. the heaters.. the sleeps.. the deep praying and reflecting. Something was missing. Something I need to do. And, this piano reminded me. Yes, I need to create a melody. I need to sing a song. I need to say something beautifully.. I need a Piano.

I wrote a song once, in my lonely days..in Urdu.. but I will translate it for you here.. Just some of the words..:

All hearts are alone in this world, you are not the only lonely one..

Keeping matters of heart, within the heart..we all live on…

Some broken dreams, And some hearts are very sad..

All hearts are alone in this world, you are not the only lonely one..

Never think that you are all alone..

Never think that no one knows..

All the things you say with your eyes..

Are heard..you may not know..

They tell me tales so long and beautiful..

Tales you need not really tell..

All hearts are alone…


Of course, in urdu, all of the above Rhymes.. and yes… the melody is mystical and I love it ( I made it..I know). One of my other neighbors is a singer. He heard this and he wanted to take it and record it in his CD ( launched few years ago).. but I told him that I would have him executed if he did that. If this is recorded, I sing it! It is MINE. :)

Yes, I miss my piano. My music. My simplicity. My expressions in musical notes I cannot read, but produce…I miss that.

Because, there are many songs that have not been sung. Many tunes that were never played for you… there is so much I need to say with my piano.. and I will one day..


Wish me luck.. and sing along with me..



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