Unemployment in KSA : 100th Post!


Quote from Today’s Arab News:

A recent newspaper report about the unemployment of Saudis in the private sector was deeply upsetting. The report said 147,000 Saudis were fired from their jobs and 821 foreign workers were employed in the year 2009. “

This report, written by Mr. Yusuf Al Kuwailit, for Arab News also has some good advice by the writer. He proposes that Expatriates be paid the same as Saudis and this may cause them to think twice before coming up with stories for the government. His concerns are real and true, though some guys have commented against him. His solutions , however, cannot work.

I have talked about this extensively , somewhere on this blog, in Arab News, everywhere. I even wrote an article about this for SaudiLife ( www.saudilife.net). In that article I have outlined solutions. I believe them to be the ONLY solutions. Because, anything else really does not make much sense. With a Sponsorship System, where individuals from the public are responsible for bringing in workers, you really cannot have much control.

Mr. Yusuf, the only way  the unemployment rate will go down is when the government sponsors the expatriates in KSA. When , people living here for a long time are granted citizenships and when criteria for stay for the expatriate would be based on his/ her contribution financially, professionally and otherwise and NOT “mehna” or “profession”.  That system is proving itself to be counter productive as it is. Do you see it?

It is a natural System of life. Universal law. What is happening now is the result of what has been happening for a long time. Change what has been happening so that what is happening happens in your favour. Read this last sentence a few times , it makes a WHOLE LOT OF SENSE!

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