I have got to say this: She is a BEAUTY.

Students at King Saudi University have built a beautiful SUV! I was not shocked by the news actually. I knew that there are capable people here. I knew there are people who can build cars, design homes and do much more. They just never got the chance to show what they could do. But, now, here.. this car is an example.

I believe the engine is based on the Mercedes G55 AMG. 8 cylinders. They say that it is BUILT for KSA.

They need an investment of at least $500 million to start mass production. I do think they will get it. It would be a shame if they don’t. What I see here is a trend. A trend to build cars. How about if a company joins hands with this setup and produces sedans, small cars and sports cars also? Cars built for KSA.

Cars Built for KSA is an important thing. The temperatures here require certain things in a car. The Tyres have to be different. What applies elsewhere, may not apply here.


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