No Parking!

It is great to make huge buildings all over King Fahad Highway. It looks awesome and beautiful. It shows growth and availability of facilities. Before there was only Kingdom Center and Faisaliya. Now, there are many more and there will be many more soon.

All of these buildings, most of them at least, do have underground parking. That  is great for the people who work in them ( not all are catered to though). But, did anyone consider that these people will have many visitors too? That people go there for various reasons? THAT these people have cars that need to be parked?

On a busy day, not only is it impossible to find parking outside, most small roads around these buildings are actually blocked by some car or the other. A car about to leave and a car about to park wastes the time of the guy who is waiting patiently for them with the guy behind him honking the horn as if this guy has stopped on purpose!

Would it not be nice if some developer took a chunk of land and built a huge building with ONLY parking? Would it not empty the streets and make life easier? This multi-story parking lot in the busy areas could house restaurants, cafe and small shops. It could also be paid parking like at the airport.

Anybody interested?

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