End Results and Decisions..


Whenever someone proposes an idea to me or whenever I come up with an idea, the first thing my mind does is that it goes through the reality of that idea and actually focuses on the End Result of it. It is almost like predicting. But, a much more advanced level of predicting. I see the source of the idea.. a person? A divine book? Who came up with it? Where did it originate..

Today, we are exposed to new ideas for life daily. Many new systems , many new changes, discoveries and notions. We all read them. Analyze them. Talk about them. We all predict. Action and reaction. Cause and Effect. We talk about them extensively.

I am sure that policy makers do this too. They just have more data and case studies to help them define the end result of a policy. Step by step processes are defined on paper in great detail. A strategy is set and a policy is made. Then action is taken and reality for people in a region changes completely. Quite simple really.

When the reality of a population changes, the destiny of the elite changes too. They either prosper more or suffer greatly. So, there is never room for miscalculations. Wrong decisions and bad policy will lead to losses of human life and resources. It is for this reason ancient kings had top of the level advisors and sages surrounding them. Wisdom was vital for things to be right. And they ruled for thousands of years. They were highly successful until the ones that came after them changed their methods, or tried to, and ended up being destroyed totally. The elders were vigilant. They setup policies that restricted the termites and cheaters of society from climbing up the ladder of power and ruining states. It worked.

And the most successful of rulers were those that depended totally on Divine Wisdom. Like King Solomon, and before him King David, his father. Every ruler got this chance of using divine wisdom to rule. Even the Pharoah. Moses was not given the target of DESTROYING Pharoah. He was given the target of GUIDING HIM. But, Pharoah had a huge ego and LOUSY advisors. His ego caused him to discard his loving wife and closest friends who advised him to LISTEN to Moses. And the filth that rose to the seats around him…the cheaters that sought only power.. the liars that boosted his ego.. advised him against Moses, just because he was inclined to. This killed him in time. Destroyed his rule.. and his story is right there for everyone to know. End result? No good.

These principles and universal laws still exist. They do not change for anyone.

We, the Muslims, Have divine wisdom. The Quran. Go back 1400 years and go down the timeline to this day. As long as we implemented the Quran, we were happy, our people were happy and gave the world many things. If you go through this site, you will see a blog about what Muslims gave to humanity over the centuries that followed. Heck, even the material used in a space craft was created by a Muslim. Please browse through this site, you will find it somewhere. There is a whole list of Muslims that invented most of what we see today.
Then, we started cheating on this divine wisdom. We implemented some, we overlooked some. Humiliation began. See the Moghul Empires of the Subcontinent. As long as the book was implemented, resources were many, peace was everywhere, justice prevailed and life was great. People created amazing things. The minute we started discarding divine wisdom and started to adopt man made concepts, all went down. BADLY.

My great great  grandfather Nawab Siddique Hasan Al Hussainy ( Abu Taiyyib)  was married to Shah Jahan Begum, Ruler of Bhopal. Thus, during her period, it was him who was actually ruling. Bhopal is bigger than Kuwait. She opted to marry him after he had become the Prime Minister. He was an orphan with nothing when he came to Bhopal. Though he was of amazing lineage, a direct descendent of Ali Ibn Abi Talib, he was not known in the huge Sub Continent of India. But, he had something.. Knowledge and Practice of Quran. He used to read Quran almost 11 times a week.. non stop. His whole life was Quran. So upon assuming the role of Ruler, he implemented those policies. His policies are still talked about. They brought great success. To the extent that Shah Jahan Begum started to depend entirely on him. Did he use state funds? NEVER. He made money from his own business of Perfumes. Was he famous for just being a ruler? NO, He was the ACE POLO Player and he wrote 350 books in Arabic, Urdu, and Farsi. One of his most famous works being Fateh Al Bayan, Maqasid Al Quran.. the explanation of the Quran in Arabic. Now available in Saudi Arabia ( Jarir Bookstore or Imam University). He knew Shaikh Abdul Wahab and Shaikh Abdul Wahab of KSA quoted him. Imam University of Saudi Arabia knows him well. His ANTI TERRORISM policies were also hugely successful and have been talked about since this new drama of terrorism. His dealing with Queeen Victoria was exemplary. He advised the grandfather of King Hussain of Jordan, then the Shareef of and Ruler of Hijaz. His son Nawab Ali Hasan Khan contributed to Azhar and was instrumental in the formation of the Nadwa. His Elder son Nawab Noor Al Hasan gave Bhopal so much, his children still produce scholars and men of wisdom. My Great great Grandfather advised his sons to LEAVE rule and Bhopal upon his death as it was not for them to rule, but to serve Allah. Shah Jahan begum did not allow this after his death and told them not to leave until she passes away… I am from Ali Hasan Khan, the younger son. He moved to Lucknow and there we stayed .. in the great palace: Bhopal House..where my father was born.


What did he tell his children? What did he advise us? He said : I have enough wealth to last 7 generations after me ( I am 4th).. And I advise my children to hold on to the Quran, follow it, implement it. It will give all they need for this world and the best etiquette. His wealth lasted for two generations after him because our parents generation did exactly what he told them NOT TO. Follow something other than Quran.

I told you this story because there is a lot of wisdom in it. I could have talked about many different rulers, but I would like to start from home. We lost glory, power, wealth, resources, peace and growth because we based our policies on ideas presented to us by ignorant people rather than follow Divine Wisdom gifted to us through our most beloved Prophet Muhammd ibn Abdullah, May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him.

My beloved People of Saudi Arabia, GCC, Pakistan, Syria.. and all people who are Muslims, Christians, Jews and even those who are not.. Base your decisions on Divine Wisdom.. not ideas from someone’s head…


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