People or MONEY??

Labour Camp

The need for communication is HUGE. Especially when there are so many new systems coming up and so many changes happening. People need to talk. They need to know. They want to know. Because each time a new system is introduced, the average man on the street. The labor. The UNKNOWN man… gets affected….severely.

I care more for those people who cannot just log on to a site and get information. Those are the people who need to be heard and known. We need to know their issues and needs. But, the only people we know are those who are ONLINE. Well, everyone cannot be online. Some people just need to finalize their dinner first and that is their mission. They have issues we never hear them talk about. Issues we do not even KNOW.

I cannot sit here online and expect to know those people. To know them, I need to get up and go to them. I need to create for them an access to me. I need to be available to them on their terms and capabilities.

What I see around me are men in suits making websites, desiring HUGE funds coming in overtime. I do not see human beings reaching out to human beings and actually resolving issues of people. That’s not ON!


I will do it. And I have created a network of people who will do it. Locals.

We are not targeting millions of Riyals. We are doing something for PEOPLE.

I wish that companies with a lot of money DO something for society and people too.. and stop waiting for initiative from Government. Governments do great jobs if the educated of society COOPERATE instead of just sitting in cafes and criticizing government over coffee.

What are we living for? Money? Why do we deliberately overlook the NEEDY in our society. Charity is not enough. They need education. They need to talk. They need to know. They need a lot of what WE deliberately deprive them of. Fearing GOD knows what!

Some Saudi lady once told me this: We usually do not argue with taxi drivers because they can stop their car anywhere, even at a remote location and tell us to get off. Where will we go?

Is there a solution to this? Do we hear them? Do we hear the voice of that simple person on the street being abused by people? NO. We do not. We focus our cameras on well-known people. Analysts that TALK about these people. But, NEVER the people. If we do, it is selective, brief and of no consequence!

Why should I not treat the tea boy at my office the way I would like to be treated? Why does that man in old clothes standing in the Jawazat line NOT important? He is. He has a story to tell. He has an issue to share. He needs you, he needs me.. and one day WE may need him. This is how this world works. You have a lot of money, but you fear people. How is that a good life?

I urge, I suggest and I INSIST that all offices dealing with people.. from Government to Phone companies to all service providers…to join hands with me and let me create a new Department in their offices.. THE HUMAN TOUCH DEPARTMENT. Staff of this department will walk the streets, talk to people..give access to them. They will reach out to people who cannot reach them. This is a NEED. All people cannot be online. All people..Expat or Saudi.. are not educated.

Have a good day Riyadh…

3 thoughts on “People or MONEY??

  1. Ali, you have proven many times that you are a compassionate and enterprising man. I wish you well with this new venture. Perhaps a website is needed, where stories of the people without voices can be published by volunteers, men AND women. I’m sure the foreign maids have a lot of grievances that go unheard. When the website is full of stories, it may become an instrument of persuasion when dealing with the big companies. Just my two cents.

    • Thank you so much. I do deal with many many people as it is. Most people, rich and poor, want to remain anonymous and don’t want the world to know of their issues. However, I do and will discuss recurring problems as issues and point them out to those that can legally resolve them if I cannot. I urge you and all people to care and love all people around you. Ask them how they are, help when possible or get them help. We are all from the same loving God..

      God bless you and thank you.

    • Of course, when I say they wish to be anonymous, it does not mean they will not share with individuals that reach out to them..usually its out of fear they want this. I will try to publish stories of ppl that agree though..

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