For some odd reason and against all expectations..this eid has been extremely peaceful and nice. People are relaxing either because they are too exhausted..or maybe they have grown out of the negativity they have been burdened with all year..
When there is no good news for a very long time..we find joy on our own and stop caring about that person giving us bad news on TV..I think that is what people have done now.
Massacres in two countries, unemployment, ever increasing restrictions and monitors on people and too many expenses is driving people mad to be honest. Issues are being created out of nothing. For no reason whatsoever, common folks are burdened with demanding procedures to legitimize existence..
So considering all this, Eid has been pretty good so far. Not for everyone..I am sure.
But..Eid is relief. It is detachment from all hassles and concerns. It is time for association and family..The whole month of Ramadan, people repent and go through the process of looking within and focusing on the soul. Fixing all that had gone wrong with it. Eid is the end of that exercise and the beginning of maintaining what we fixed during the month. A new, fresh..start.

We all have goofed up badly..and when consequence of an action faces us..we raise the flag of religion. And, when we do that..someone takes advantage of it and calls us ‘terrorist’. And so the dirty politics and propaganda begins. Eid should bring us to a place where goof ups stop.. I hope this is what happens this year.

Everyone feels that justice is needed. It is. But who gets what kind of justice is totally up to the Creator. Protests and disloyalty to government is helping no one to be very honest. There is a lot of noise about arrests and monitors on certain people that have been talking and even acting against the government. My question for these persons: What are you getting out if it? Except frustration and prosecution..there is nothing happening. Yes..of course there is a solution for everyone. You are just looking for it in the wrong place at the wrong time and so increasing work for the already busy officials.

We are muslims. When we feel our rulers are unjust, we turn to Allah..not to the streets. Why are our women all over the media being exploited and entertaining the world? Are they wise in doing so? Why don’t they do what Pheron’s wife did? Why don’t they have as their role models the women God is proud of and talks of in the Quran? Why don’t they turn to Allah? Why must our masses behave like Godless creatures that must ridicule their own  Muslim rulers and leaders and destroy our countries and make a mockery of us everywhere? When..as muslims we are to honor our Muslim ruler..good or bad. It is a duty. A duty our masses forsake to face disasters..

I don’t get it!

Lets work as nations to unite and do something non violent and beautiful together this eid…Spread peace.

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