Why resolve..benefit.


It is never too late to change systems and ways for the betterment of societies  and nations. Once a problem is defined, a solution or many solutions become obvious too. Such is the nature of life.
Our media..politicians..thinkers and people talk only about problems it seems. When it comes to solutions..no one has much to say…or do. This is a problem itself. We talk about issues and we do nothing to resolve them. Why?

One gets extremely shocked to see certain issues and problems exist even after years of being pointed out and discussed. There is something seriously wrong with this.
When will we start to grow?

Yes..every event is an opportunity for someone and they grab it viciously and openly..AND ..shamelessly at any cost!
You tell someone you have an issue…ten hands will reach out to help..at a cost. No genuine care. An issue..yours or mine..is an opportunity for someone. That is what most of life is based on now. How is that progress?
We are, in fact, going back to being primitive.

This is the reason issues don’t get resolved quickly. Because it has become someone’s opportunity and in fact..someone’s livelihood. A solution to that issue would be against their interest..You see what’s going on?
Everyone is a a businessman now..

The realization of this fact automatically educates emotion. The mind opens up to realize that no news deserves an emotional response. Yet..our public always responds..and someone gets benefit from that.
Turmoil in a country..massacres..crises..all this can be resolved quickly..but it never is. And someone somewhere is continuously getting rich from it. Someone is preventing a solution to be implemented. In all turmoil..something sells…and someone sells it.

Take nothing but yourself seriously…

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