Money Friends

A man I have known for 30 years of my life suddenly gets upset and disappears just because I could not help him with the money he required.
People that have worked with me suddenly show up with changed attitudes and rude reminders with some amount of accusations just because I got delayed in paying them. Work norm? Bs!
Some friends that called me day and night as long as they had financial gain suddenly stopped picking up my call!
Lots of things happened.

Some people, however, stuck with me and never changed regardless of what I had or did not.

What the hell is wrong with these people?

The ‘friends’ and ’employees’ I mentioned above are the bloody fools that did not realize one thing: I could be waiting for a bigger reward that I wanted to share with them!

This has happened before. I have either pretended to have gone broke or really gone broke and then seen people change around me. And, as soon as I had money, those same people come kissing up to me only to be ignored, of course.

I have a group of 5 friends. We have been together since childhood. We have been friends forever. Would you believe none of us know about each others’ incomes? We will help if one of us needs help but we won’t even think about. This to me, is a huge blessing.

Anyway, this whole experience teaches me one thing: whatever anyone is getting is a reflection of their own inner state of being. People who remain loyal regardless of you having money or not may get rich but people who make every relationship a financial thing remain petty and needy. So, never feel pity for anyone..

Lots of locals complain about not having jobs. I discussed this with my partner who is ceo of two huge companies. He told me: if a local comes to you complaining, send him to me. I will tell him how to make money by selling stuff he can get on credit and make a decent living. Unless, he has too much ego for his own good!

I worked for a number of projects and never got paid. I lent hundreds of thousands of riyals to people who never gave it back to me. I never complained. I never sent reminders. I never bothered. In fact, I asked them if I could do more for them.


Call it that, if you may.

I am this way for a reason. I don’t help, work or make friends for financial gain. I believe money is a reward Allah gives as He pleases. So, I only ask Him. My relationship with other people is based on compassion and respect. Period.

The idiots I am talking about at the beginning of this post are ignorant fools that claim to be Muslims yet worry too much about How and When and they are deprived of being in the Now and that is because they expect from people and not Allah. We cannot vibrate at the same level and so they cannot sit where I sit and I cannot live in the mental sewer they live in. They are..Poor.

Surprisingly, I find the wisest people amongst the most underprivileged or the highly privileged! The poor guy that cleans my car, the guy from the baqala, the food delivery boy, my least paid sales person ( been promoted as my assistant for his loyalty) and many such people who think like me..

A wealthy shaikh asked me: abu ibrahim, what of the person who took 200k from you?
I forgive him, I said. He could have made 400k through halal but he chose haram and haste, so his issue. Yet, I forgive him.

The shaikh asked me: abu ibrahim, what of the employee that was so rude to you because you were delayed in paying?

I forgive him, I said. I will pay him and be polite but I choose not to work with him again..

This is Islam, he was delighted. ‘I am a muslim’, I stated.

I sin, I make mistakes, I rise and fall but I cannot forget that I am a Muslim..why did these fools forget that they are muslims?

Test people by presenting different scenarios of your finance and filter out people so that you only know real people, work with real people and have real friends..

This world has many good people but the majority are cruel, weak and fake people..

Enjoy the week:)

2 thoughts on “Money Friends

  1. Today was the first time ever for me to connect to this site… What I found written here is full of wisdom and sincere feeling. Great thoughts and even greater display of true philosophy indeed. Keep it up Mr.Shah, as it is for the good of so many people (especially for those who might take guidence from your thoughts and advice. Good work indeed….Regards.

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