Changes..and the New you.

So how has it been so far?
Days of joy and days of sorrow, some sacrifice, some goes on. What does happen a lot in this journey is the many discoveries we make within ourselves. We try and define then we redefine knowingly or without knowing. We do this continuously and each event in our life contributes to this.

There always comes a time in our life when uncertainty, insecurity and loss surrounds us. We feel helpless and hopeless. We feel inferior, we become suspicious. We blame and try to find the culprits. Of course, those people that we feel envy us, the ‘evil eye’ people, were all there in the good times too! But, we need to breed paranoia by at least blaming them! We think its a conspiracy!


With me, it is like this. Every time I have suffered, I have also felt what anyone feels. But, I also knew that what I was in was because of something I did or do continuously. Something that had to stop. I have discovered that it is often something I loved doing or a thinking pattern that I was used to. It needed to either be dropped totally or changed for the better. Honestly, sometimes it was even something I thought was good.. So, though it sounds simple enough, it is not.

Question the good you do and scrutinize the bad you do. Seek forgiveness and guidance. Instead of sulking in guilt, just stop abruptly once you know what it is. Put a full stop to it.

As time passes and as it becomes apparent to you that the change has been made successfully, things will get back to normal. You will have passed the exam and a whole new you will step into another stage of life. A higher stage, a better place and a stronger you. You will have grown.

Do you see my point?

Never for one minute think that you are good or great. You are not. Even the good you do or say maybe questionable. Your darkest and deepest secret is obvious to your Creator. Maybe its time to stop saying sorry and repeating the mistake..maybe its time to stop!

No need to pity yourself. That is pointless. Take corrective action.

This realization will bring out a new you.

‘ Not having money is not a crime’, Abu Abdulaziz, ex-chief of Qassim police said to me the other day, ‘ chasing money without considering people, right and wrong, goodness and Allah is what leads to crime’.

Not having money, or what is needed when needed maybe that message from Allah to you.. to fix something. It may also be a blessing to save you from something.
When we are short on money, we freak out. Thus starts the blaming and display of insecurity. We assume. In the process, we hurt and get hurt. If only we know that it is not about money to begin with, it is about us and our growth.

In bringing out the new you, you will find that though you got all that you were deprived of, you are not reacting to success the way you would have if this particular experience of deprivation and fear had not come to you. You react more wisely..

My grandfather, Nawab Shams al Hasan wrote:
‘ What is this life of unawareness? Should there be no sorrow , what then shall be happiness?’

Every tough experience of life gives the new you a new life. How quickly it passes is totally up to you. How long you sulk, blame and bla bla and how fast you start analysis and what matters.

Enjoy your weekend!

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