Why are you Sad?

Everything I have ever wanted, I have prayed for. Every expectation I have ever had, has been from Allah. Every complain I have ever made, was to Him.  And, every time I complained to a person – I got hurt. Every time I expected something from a human being, I got hurt. We learn. I still goof up like anyone else. May Allah guide.

This is what Islam has taught me. Complete dependence and submission to the Creator of the Universe – God. A reality no matter how strongly denied by some.

It is a belief , an attitude and a system of thought which reflects in action. So, I relate everything to Him. This is a reality I faced a long time ago. It is not a concept I have adopted. It is something I realized over time. I realized that real intelligence and wisdom is external from the mind setup. The Mind has to acknowledge and then send instruction to the whole being so that action or reaction may take place. It may or may not be able to define the knowledge it receives. The mind is a very complex  and powerful transmitter and receiver. It processes energy it receives and sends through words, thought and action. That is the job of the mind. We control it’s activity. We control the accesses and the blocks. We control its functions. If we do it wrong, we experience bad. If we do it right, we experience good. Because , currently, we are in the reality of cause and effect.  Where cause is NOW and effect is eternal and temporary. This whole process can undergo modification at any moment while the person breathes. It stops with the last breath , where cause is no longer but effects remain. Read all of the above again, it is not that complicated. It is like driving a car or operating a machine.

Now, to monitor the process of incoming waves and outgoing waves, we need a manual that tells us what to allow IN and what not AND what to allow OUT and what not. The Manual contains the criteria by which we shall allow and disallow certain things. Believe me, you allow a concept in your mind and let it be in you long enough without being filtered by the right standards, you WILL act. This action you take can either benefit you or truly harm you. In the end, You are the winner OR the loser and no one else. IF you choose to KILL unfairly, you may take a life – but you destroy your own too. Because every action you take is RECORDED and HIGHLIGHTED within you IN the mind. The mind also has a very powerful memory unit that stores and REMINDS. These reminders of the impact of an action constantly affect your feelings – your soul. So, you do live in severe depression and thus you may cause further damage to yourself and eventually meet a sad end or seek to BE killed too. Check out cases of killers, they feel this.

So, the Criterion. Where do you get it. Surely, a man cannot devise it. Because if a man could devise it, then many would devise manuals for people and many have. But, all of them prove to be disappointing at some point. That is why, every man made system does not do justice to everyone – only to some. And, that is why, that system is incomplete, always. That is why, every man made science or study is always growing and changing and not definite nor constant. That is why we don’t have ALL the answers.

The Criterion we need in managing ourselves HAS to be divine. It has to be from the Creator of this being, the human being.

Every time the early Muslims won a battle and headed back home, the Prophet PBUH would say that now we will go to a greater Battle. This means, that now we will engage in improving ourselves by sacrificing what we may love if it goes against the  Divine Criterion. Yes, mind management requires sacrifice. Our minds do have an outlet which any external source can plug into and download viruses. It happens. What we call WISWAAS in arabic. Or the Whisperer. Suggestions to the mind.  Suggestions that satisfy the heart’s desire at the moment , if allowed in, but cause greater grief later because of losses incurred. So, by loading the Criterion again and again, regularly, we destroy the viruses as the  Criterion contains every anti virus we need.  Prayer and recitation ( downloading ) of the Quran. When you go into Sajda, blood enters regions of the head where it normally cannot. It is a proven therapy. Every word you read, comprehend and appreciate, enters your system and affects you.

I swear to you, this is the ACTUAL reality of existence. This is NOT philosophy. It proves itself. Look around you. Look within you. You know where you have gone wrong and you know where you are getting smacked. The fact is, you cause your own misery or bliss by applying or not applying the right criterion of belief and thought AND action.

Now, lets look around us. What are we all thinking and what do we all want? How are we reacting and how are we perceiving? Are we happy or are we unhappy? Do we want to remain in confusion or do we want out? I ask myself and people around me these questions a lot.

For example, someone comes to you with  an issue ( or if you have one) – the first thing you look at and ask about is their decision making process, level of awareness and exposure to the realities of this complex machine, the human being. Are they following a book or anything that comes to their mind? We have to follow something.  Some logic. All of us. We do. SO, that is what you seek to find out. Once  you establish the condition of that mind –  list the “faults” or the “viruses” within that mind. Also, give the remedy, the anti-virus. Whether someone applies it or not is their issue. You cannot force. If you force a mind to do something, it goes gaga and recovery becomes harder. This, forcing something “good” CAN indeed cause something negative to occur.

In this reality of cause and effect, the formulas and principles are all listed in all Divine books. Some changed for facilitation of corruption and injustice and some that cannot be changed. Without being biased or critical of any faith, I will stress that the Quran is the ONLY holy book that remains perfectly intact. So, I have chosen to follow it for the sake of my own benefit and those around me. If I discard it, I COULD cause great hurt. We all do.

You may say : How about using common sense? No sir, what you call common sense is not constant. Not reliable. The Mind’s own logic CAN be corrupted by the concept of  ” I”.. ego or any other internal or external source – a virus. Logic is influenced by survival instincts, external factors such as society, dogma or anything else.. right or wrong.

People do complain of Muslims hurting others and the cause of it being them following the Quran. I agree. They are following something from the Quran and causing hurt. That is because they are following only SOMETHING and not EVERYTHING. You must understand the manual COMPLETELY in order to operate the machine properly. You cannot apply chapter 1, 4 and 10 and ignore the rest. That is called a GOOF UP.

For example, if a person ANGRILY shouts at you and tells you  to do something because it is GOOD for you – they look repulsive and May cause you to react negatively. Even if they are telling you the right thing. When  a muslim does this, they are overlooking a major rule in the manual – do not get angry. So, if they are telling you about the right things to do and themselves ignoring even ONE, their impact is negative and they MAY get smacked in the face by you or by someone not as nice as you. In  the final judgement, which will be 100% according the Criterion, this maybe pointed out to them and thus add to their humiliation. Nothing in the book is insignificant and nothing can be ignored no matter how unimportant it may seem to us.

This is why humans are so divided. Each groups definition of the right criterion differs from the other and they face their fate accordingly. Some absolutely right and some outrageously WRONG.

So, your mission in life should be to first SEEK the right criterion. Then, understand it. Then, apply it. When you finally do, you learn to operate cause and effect properly.

Question: How many of us really do this?

Not many. And, that is a fact. And, that is why there is misery and sadness sometimes in us and mostly around us. That is why we react to everything. We do not take time off from the constant flow of information , right or wrong, to our minds and we let our soul suffer from misinformation. In being so, we lose patience, define wrongly and act negatively. And, we justify it too , making it even worse. Who gets hurt? Just us, no one else. We may attach our self to another person and call it love .. but that causes grief too eventually. You will find many people in the state of being HURT. They themselves caused it. You see,  an association, intention or act that does not satisfy the Criterion, WILL lead to misery, for sure. And if you say : Oh Well, I am non muslim and I did this and that and found happiness.. Well, my dear, “this” and “that” MUST have confirmed to something in the Criterion for you to find bliss. Trust me, I can prove it. Sometimes, we unknowingly do the RIGHT thing. That is the Mercy of God.

My friends, master life. Learn. You cannot achieve things, you are PUT in that position as a test to see what criterion you apply and how you decide matters. Do not be sad. THINK . Please.

2 thoughts on “Why are you Sad?

  1. Ali I wonder what muslims plug their minds into in the mosques, considering that riots and attrocities often happen after the Friday prayers. Witness the latest shame in Afghanistan where innocent UN workers were butchered. Shouldn’t the crowds of muslims exude love of humanity after the prayers? How come they leave the mosque filled with hatred and blood lust? Something is very wrong here.

  2. You see, without the understanding of the essence of a religion – i.e, the Holy Book – people depend on the words of an interpreter, generalizations and assumptions AND may call an act “religious” whereas in reality, it may be the total opposite.
    Afghanistan? Very complex. What has happened may have absolutely nothing to do with religion but a lot to do with Revenge. Millions of innocent people have been bombed there and in Iraq over the past few years in the name of “peace” by the USA – naturally such reactions are to be expected. Many groups seek revenge. And they act every chance they get and they will continue to do so. The whole deal is not about religion anymore. It is a war.
    Christians have left the Bible, JEws have forsaken the Torah and Muslims are not acting as per the Quran … the result is but obvious.

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