India & Pakistan: Life and Death..

Indians and Pakistanis are watching a cricket match right now. Pakistan vs India, world cup semi-finals. The two nations ( one nation divided by the British) are cheering their teams and spitting hatred on each other.
Pakistanis and Indians. An achievement. A division the Brits still rejoice in. A victory. Their victory. And, a nation divided into 3. Three losers still recovering from losses incurred in useless, pointless and idiotic battles that British Empire slaves from both hindu and muslim communities supported to get fame, fortune and power.
This is what I see. Something my people cannot see. Something they will never see because they are so badly screwed in the head. For the past 60 years and more, they have been taught this, by the masters and their slaves:
1. You must believe in nationalism more than God.
2. You must remain divided otherwise Hindus and Islam shall perish.
3. You must discard your languages, cultures and ways and adopt something that resembles the west in order to be ‘competitive’ and educated. And this includes giving up on your wisdom and science which is much superior to any in the world.
4. You must give up on the Quran and Vedas and adopt a different system of governance which can be defined and controlled by us. Be a bloody democracy. Experience taxations, poverty and hardship. You must, because life is ‘difficult’ and not an ‘easy ride’. Be retarded so we sell you weapons, our products and suck the blood out of you. And if you have a fair and just ruler, kill him.
5. Do not even think about developing yourselves. Do not combat poverty. Think about yourself alone. There is no God to help you, you must look after your own asses. So, go work for other nations and seek to own what you cannot afford by taking loans from us and remain under our feet forever.
6.We will help you create great armies and bombs which you can use to kill villagers and in time each other so that whatever little control you  have over your resources is transferred to us.
7. Most important. We have developed a game called cricket. You three idiots ( Bangladesh included) spend millions on this and connect your national victory to matches between you. Get heart attacks and boost the hatred. Keep your nations busy!

How do the people of the subcontinent reply to that?
Exactly the way their forefathers that created the Taj Mehel and amazing systems of life replied to their God:
‘ We heard and we obey’

Yes, rejoice in your matches and remain blind…

One thought on “India & Pakistan: Life and Death..

  1. I am not an Anti Paki in anyway esp because im married to one I m mostly happy if Pak win and if they wud have won against India in the semi finals i would congratulated them and thought the luck hadnt favoured India.

    ITs really a shame to see that SOME PPL still claim it to be a JIHAD rubbish utter rubbish sad to see that the new generation is not less idiotic than than the previous one was – previous generation planted the seed of enemity between the 2 countries who are hardly different than each other – well i think its time to change i will at least not let my future generations bear the brunt of what our forefathers did before us!!

    All PAKIS ended up Hating TEaM INDIA the day they lost (LOTS OF DISGUTING FB STATUSES SUGGESTED IT ) whatever happened to the spirit of sportsmanship india was knocked out of the 2007 WC i dont remember HATING BANGLADESH I would rather be a GRACEFUL LOSER THAN A SOUR LOSER WHO sorts to being abusive towards one country and sling mud unnecessarily why?Just because HE LOST well boohooo – HATING The team who wins MAKES it clear that the loser got the PINCH it means they won you lost so you hate them – GEt it?What im trying to say??

    Not infront of me but showing the entire world that pak and pakis think too much of themselves many say things like –

    Only pak is supposed to win matches
    Only pak can win tournaments
    And pak CANT or WILL NOT lose esp against India
    Tht pak is a MUSLIM TEAM and hence its their birth right to win RELIGION doesnt win matches and tournaments THE GAMES do!
    No one has the right to win except PAK only they are SUPREME it seems well thats not the TRUTH is it?

    If so was the case pak shd have won each and every match since the inception of the country it self.

    I was born and brought up in DUBAI I have fought this a long time I have many paki frnds who say these things ((OH MUSLIMS SHD WIN U GUYS ARE HINDUS KAFIRS ITS A FIGHT I SHD BE WON BLA BLA BLA BLA well those hindus are my countrymen n i will support india im not any less indian than they are jst because im a muslim we are a soveriegn country – that is what pakis dont get – they take it as a jihad those hindus are not any LESS humans than you and me))BELIEVE ME IT HURTS!!

    and i have chosen to be the BIGGER PERSON they were surprised that they were trying to tease n basically scorn me to death where i was congratulating them,now the same frnds congratulate me for me being the graceful loser or winner.

    Its a game jst a silly game of bat and ball india and indian’s have realized it pakis have chosen to still fight it as JIHAD.Thats what has hurt me till now.I went to an acquaintance’s place yesterday and i was amazed at the audacity of those ppl one of them Who is a kid still both passing racial slurs for indians IN FRONT OF ME and saying things like “WOh hamare dushman hai KAafior and bla bla” HELLO WAKE UP india is the subcontinents leading nation after china we have WAY moved ahead but have you well i guess no.SOME COUNTRIES ARE TOUCHING THE MOON AND WE SITTING OVER HERE FIGHTING OVER A SILLY GAME OF BAT AND BALL FOR CRYING OUT LOUD – – Before passing anti paki comment i think a million times so that i dont hurt my family or frnds bt no one thinks about ME as an Indian that i would feel bad – The Pakies im talking about are not the non educated ones these are educated PHD ppl despite of all that saying “INDIA SHD LOSE KAAFIRS BLA BLA” Well I have news for such People u hate india and get sicker by the day …….. I or rather WE DID HAVE THE LAST LAUGH!!!!MMUUHHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

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