The Saudi Youth and the Bangladeshi..

” You beg me to forgive you? You are a liar ! You Bengali!” Shouted the Saudi Youth as he slapped the Bangladeshi taxi driver who was almost begging the guy to let him go. The youth slapped him, beat him, kicked him and cursed him non stop. He pulled him by his neck and took him to his Black Hummer parked in front of the Taxi this Bangali drove and showed him two very small minor dents. ” You see this??” he slapped his face, ” You did this! You come here and you think you can drive as you please and hit anyone?” He punched his face. The driver fell to the ground. Got up. The youth kicked him again. Continuously.

This happened today. On Dabbab Street. Right on the traffic signal at Tamimi. Daytime. Traffic was blocked. No one stopped them. He beat up the driver constantly. I could see and hear this from my car. I drove closer to them. The Saudi youth had long hair, wore jeans and drove a Hummer. The Bangladeshi was a taxi driver that had bumped into him from the back. His taxi was a Hyundai Elantra. You figure out how an Elantra could possibly harm a Hummer..?

Actually, the dent was too minor to even get noticed. And that is what I was staring at. In reality, no real damage had happened! This guy was venting his anger at the driver. And while he beat the daylights out of him on the main road, he cursed Bangladeshis in every way he could. No one stopped him. No one came to help the driver. Cars drove up. People looked. Drove off. And, plenty of cars passed by, plenty of people saw this.

When I drove up to these guys, I called the Saudi ” Do you want to kill him for that dent right here on Dabbab and go to Prison?” He looked at me and started complaining about the dent and the incompetent taxi driver. Another Saudi came running and stopped him at this time and said ” Man, this is a worker here – you cannot do this – his sponsor will get involved”.. That is when the youth simply stopped hitting him. But he took the keys of the driver’s car and threw them far away on the other side of the road. Got in his Hummer and drove off.

In all of this, the problem was not the dent. The problem was a young Saudi full of resentment and the inability to contain himself , having found an excuse to release his anger – beating the crap out of a weak person who is too restricted to defend himself on any level.

Let me tell you: This will increase.

We will all witness more such incidents. Many such things are already happening, I am sure. But, no one sees them. No one reports them. I often hear sirens and loud vocals by the police around my building late at night. They are shouting at some youth with a fast car as they chase him. This is almost every night.

The youth of Riyadh have had it. They have crossed that limit of respect and patience. Khalas. It is too obvious.

No one beats up anyone or gets aggressive illogically and without reason. This youth I saw today HAD a reason. It was all over his face. His frustration was at its peak. And he took it all out on this driver. Of course, he was wrong to do so. His action can never be justified. It was absolutely wrong. But, he was not in control. He had, in simple terms: Gone Nuts.

I have only one thing to say:

As long as we allow the sponsorship system to go on, people ( some greedy people) will keep bringing in “unchecked” workers into the kingdom, corrupting all areas and reducing employment opportunity for the youth – this will happen. They will be the number one contributors to the crime rise in KSA!

I would like to find this youth, shake him and make him realize one thing. It is not the fault of that driver ! But, he will realize this eventually.

This is not about Rights and Violations. This is about the imbalances and frustrations caused by the import of staff for financial gain at the cost of young locals who could have been better people. We can talk about Rights and violations later.

That is why I will not conclude nor will I judge. This is what happened, and I stated WHY it has happened. I am sick of suggesting solutions.. to be very honest!

And, let me tell you this: The Bangldeshi Taxi driver that was beaten up by a Saudi Youth on a main road today, WILL react later and God knows what crime he will engage in before he leaves KSA..

4 thoughts on “The Saudi Youth and the Bangladeshi..

  1. Thanks for looking at such an issue, positively on both sides. There are lot of such incidents happening to the expats here, even the well paid ones are not exempt. One of my friends, an Indian was made to sit in a crouching position for almost half an hour in broad daylight in a main entry gate of an oil installation, simply because the guard there wanted some ‘entertainment’. :(

  2. I understand the youth was frustrated. But I have a question to ask. Would he have reacted the same way of the driver of the taxi was a Saudi.

    We both know the answer.

    What happened has an racial element to it? Islam does not permit it.

    Also, as you suggest the youth are frustrated. My country can only progress if they leave their pride behind. Our youth need to be hard working and have no pride over other human beings.

    The Saudi Society will change the day:
    A Saudi working as a barber, cleaner, waiter will happily serve an expat customer. One should not see these jobs as beneath them. Every job has its role in building a society.

    • You know, it used to be that way before. Saudis did do all kinds of jobs. Something went wrong somewhere..
      Thank you very much for your comment.

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