Arab Revolutions: An old plan?

It would be silly to think that some countries will remain immune from revolutions now. Tunis started it, Egypt insisted on it and DID it and set an example and now everyone else WILL follow.. just wait and see.

Whoever thought that a protest of this scale would happen in Bahrain? And, whoever thought that people will actually be killed. I, for one, NEVER thought that people would persist like this. Not the Egyptians, not the Bahrainis.. not the arabs. But they have and they are!

This means one thing: The Arab populations will not compromise. They want change. Khalas.

And, they KNOW what they want. You know what this means? This means that all those years of education, exposure through the internet , TV channels, expatriate populations and their interactions with the Arabs is now showing the growth and change all of it has caused. Revolutions happen when a majority of the people think in certain way and find that they are restricted. They cannot be told that they are wrong anymore. They cannot be shot and suppressed. They will keep rising up. Scary? Eh? It is.

Go back to my previous posts. I predicted this. Not in so many words, but I hinted at it many times for many years. It is as simple as 2+2..

Saudi Arabia? I sincerely pray to the Almighty Allah that nothing ever goes wrong here. Saudi Arabia is not Egypt or Bahrain. Saudi Arabia is the Capital of the Whole Islamic Ummah. Saudi Arabia is the home of humanity . The land of the two holy mosques, the grave of Eve and the heart of the world.

Saudis are also talking about protests and demands now. I read it and see it everywhere. I do know one thing, the Ruler of Saudi Arabia will make changes to satisfy his nation. I have no doubt about that. And, I hope he does. Inshallah. I just pray , and ask you to pray with me, that such a thing NEVER happens here and people are given the life they seek without casualties. So many things have happened and people have suffered. Especially in Jeddah. I think that KSA is capable of , and will , take the lead in growth and reforms without protests and ugly scenes.

But, what is with these Arab Revolutions? What has started these? One after the other? Looks pretty fishy that it is in a new arab country every other day. I am looking at Al Jazeera right now and they are showing the map of the Middle East and talking about revolutions and possible revolutions. Every country is painted red ( meaning in or prone to) except KSA. Honestly? IS this the new Middle East coming up. A new way of life. A new world. One change was after 9/11. It caused a certain way of life. That way of life is ending now. Revolutions of this scale will now cause a new way of life. And, I feel the new way of life will be very good for the people. More rights, more freedom and more growth until the next change comes along in the future.

I said fishy. That is because I feel these revolutions were triggered off. They would happen over time naturally. History tells us this. But this was started. And, the strategy IS working. Previously , it was ” Either you are with us or against us”.. which scared the crap out of many. Now, it is ” People, we are your buddies and you WILL party, just make THESE changes”. Very creative.

Pretty soon, the word ” terrorism” will disappear. For some time, the news channels will keep shouting ” Revolution”.. then finally when they start saying ” The People have WON”.. just know, target achieved! LOL!..HOOOOOHA! Egypt is now seeing the March of Victory.. target achieved. One down, some to go.

Is this bad? No. Like I have said, this was bound to happen. Changes do happen. Some cause it, some enjoy it, some die in it. That is life on Earth. Humans do this to humans, where some humans benefit and some suffer. All this is controlled and planned. Allah is the greatest Planner and VERY much in charge of it all. He allows some to act, and stops others from acting. He distributes power and privilege as HE pleases. What HE does and plans to do , is for HIM to know. For us, it is enough to know one thing: IF we depend Entirely on Him.. we will be ok.

May you all find peace and good lives my Arab brothers and sisters, where ever you maybe…


2 thoughts on “Arab Revolutions: An old plan?

  1. No one is allowed to go against the wishes of king, its indirect rule that if you go against the king, you will get death punishment. In monarchy if king is good and educated, smart a state sees the progress.
    If king is not good or if king is good but addicted to wines and other things he will not be able to do justice to his job. In monarchy everything depends on the mood of the king.
    In monarchy from dressing to eating habits, science everything is decided by king.

    IF WE READ ISLAMIC HISTORY WE WILL GET TO KNOW THAT “BANI UMAYA & BANI ABBAS” BOTH EMPIRES WAS BASED ON MONARCHY, what happened to them revolts, civil wars, hatred & at last they were killed, if you have no time to read Islamic History at least Study Pakistan Studies you will find a chapter on “Mughal Kings” Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, Shah jahan, Aurengzaib what happened to all these kings? they killed their own father & brothers & at last British came and killed them all..
    NOW Arab countries having Monarchy system like BAHRAIN, YEMEN, KUWAIT, KSA

    Egypt is latest example, now Arab nations are standing unite against these kings who are ruling like a snake. NOW ITS TIME TO DECIDE “NOW OR NEVER”

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