Roma Cafe 2

Ok. This is another post about ROMA CAFE on Dabbab Street. It is a drive through place. I have already mentioned the varieties of coffee and hot drinks, snacks and all very good too!

But this post is about the guy that runs this place wonderfully! RODNEY ( pic).  I promised that I will mention him and make him known to the drive through coffee drinkers of Riyadh. This man knows his job! Get this: Give him your order once. Drive through again a week later.  He sees you, he remembers what you like! He shouts from the outer window ” Same?”.. you nod and it is ready when you reach the service window.  Good workers like Rodney are rare here. They add that special something to the business —> GOOD service. Though ROMA serves very GOOD quality stuff, the good workers have made it even better.

Keep it up Rodney, my friend!

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