To be  honest , we are ALL racists no matter how much we pretend to be NOT. We are all also prejudiced and we all do discriminate. We do it at different levels, but we ALL do it. So this means, not only does the Arab discriminate, he is discriminated against too. Same goes for the Westerner, and the same goes for the Asian. You may like to think that the poor labor class ( will not mention countries) is being discriminated against by the racist elite.  But if you could pretend to be one of them and go live with them for a day or two, you will see how much they make fun of you and the kind of nicknames they have for you.

So , you see.. we are all racists.

How not to be a racist?

Admit that you are one and stop pretending that you are not. Stop deceiving yourself. Say it out loud. Let it out, it will come back with a smile or a punch.. but it will come back refined and satisfied..LOL!

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