The Sales Guy!

You go to the Supermarket. You have your kid, and you are in a hurry. A guy walks up to you and starts talking about an invitation to some place so that you can win a trip to Sharm Al Shaikh.  This is all good.

But, this guy will not take a NO for an answer. He will engage you for at leat 15 minutes. He HAS to give his damn speech and make you sign a paper. If you say no, he will be upset. If you don’t want to listen, he will push. He will keep doing it until you HAVE to be RUDE and say , GET LOST , I HAVE NO TIME!

Then the next time you go there and he sees you, he will look at you like you are the worst human being in the world with no manners!..

What kind of marketing is this????

2 thoughts on “The Sales Guy!

  1. They try talking to me and my family every time we go to Tamimi Supermarket and we have to shoo them away impolitely.. I wonder who sends them around!!

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