What Next?

Admit it or not .. You are used to seeing people die. You are now used to the images and videos and the lousy rotten tragic news items your brain is subjected to on a daily bases.

It depresses you and it makes you think that life is pointless and it destroys your productivity and motivation. It hurts you..yet you are used to it now.

We have started to long for vacations. For days where nothing happens. No more events. Just left alone to rest. We are mentally tired because of this constant bombardment of news we don’t really want to be updated with. We expect destruction somewhere on earth or around us each day. Why don’t we have anything good to look forward to?

What future does the world of today promise us?

We are all uncertain. We all feel violated. Like our biggest right, our will to choose, has been taken away!

Switch of the news feed friends. .


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