Ever since childhood I have had this belief.. And it’s a very strong belief based on logic .. That prayer can fix all issues.
It is, in fact, just that .. Isn’t it?

You see, I have seen people reach the extremes of issues .. Be it disease, a calamity or any situation .. And say only one thing: Oh God!

Why not at the beginning of all things then?

Why not during all things?

Wishing or seeking something you truly need or even want is the destination too. It is where you want to be. And time is a mystery friends. Why not pray and pray and then get closer to the Desired destination?

Think about it!

If we prayed more and sought more and believed that there is a God who listens and grants.. Life could be a lot different.

We panic instead.

I know my people are bothered! I know most of mankind on all sides are bothered.. And we all know how many millions of people are suffering everywhere..

Let’s pray to God.

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